5 Employee Benefits That Remote Workers Really Want

5 Employee Benefits That Remote Workers Really Want

Remote companies, whether fully remote or operating with a few remote workers, need to consider what remote workers really want when it comes to employee benefits. Remote working comes with different needs that can dictate what employees desire in their benefits package.

Simply offering the ability to work remotely will make your company appealing to job seekers, but it’s imperative to look beyond that and offer benefits to remote workers that will put your company at the top of job seekers’ lists.

Here are five employee benefits that remote workers crave:

1. Remote Office Setup Assistance

Getting a home office up to par can be intimidating and costly—especially for a new remote worker. There’s a desk, chair, printer, Internet backup, ergonomic accessories, and more to purchase. Offering assistance to employees is a big benefit. Some companies opt to provide company-owned technology or furniture, while others may provide a money stipend or allowance to let the employee purchase what they choose.

Paying for the cost of a coworking space is another option to help employees with a remote office setup.

2. Flexible Schedules

Sometimes, office business dictates that employees need to be working on the same schedule, 9-to-5. However, giving remote workers the ability to work a flexible schedule can greatly improve their productivity and happiness at work.

Without a commute, an employee may prefer to start work at 6 a.m., when they’re most productive. Or perhaps some employees have personal life commitments that make a noon to 8 p.m. schedule ideal. Remote workers will thrive on having the flexibility to work when it best fits their schedule.

3. Generous Paid Vacation

Vacation time is a changing benefit, with the most recent trend being unlimited policies. Unlimited or open vacation policies allow employees to take the amount of time they need for vacation, without limiting them to the typical one- or two-week allotment. A generous or open paid vacation policy is a benefit that savvy remote workers are looking for.

Remote workers often work longer hours than in-office counterparts without a commute or distractions. Reward your remote workers for their hard work by offering a great paid vacation package.

4. Professional Development

Remote workers value professional development just as much as any in-office worker. Don’t leave remote workers out by not discussing or offering opportunities for professional development.

Sending employees to conferences or courses is also a great way for remote workers to meet each other in person. Potential and current remote employees want to know that professional development is an option and important to the company.

5. Employee Retreats or Get-Togethers

Company retreats and employee one-on-one get-togethers provide remote employees with a great way to connect with their coworkers. Remote employees want to feel a part of the team, whether the rest of the company works together in an office or from their home offices as well.

Encourage employees to get together by compensating their meals, and plan retreats to bring the team together. A company culture that facilitates employee interaction will lead to a happier workforce.

Interested in hiring remote workers? Post a remote job and show off your employee benefits.

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