Remote Health Coach Jobs: 10 Companies Hiring

Remote Health Coach Jobs: 10 Companies Hiring

The world of health coaching is evolving rapidly, and with it, the way we reach and inspire people is changing too. Imagine being able to guide clients toward healthier lifestyles from your own space. That is the essence of a remote health coaching job. Personal health guidance and support are more accessible than ever, and so is building an impactful career while enjoying flexibility and work-life balance.

Whether you’re still in the early stages of your career or looking to expand your practice, remote health coaching is a practical and rewarding way to help others. It’s a career where your passion for wellness can meet the practicality of digital tools, allowing you to make a significant impact in people’s lives while managing your schedule.

So, what does stepping into a remote health coaching role look like? Dive into an overview of remote health coach jobs and what they involve.

What Is a Health Coach?

As a remote health coach, you’ll become a pivotal part of your clients’ wellness journeys. Like in-person roles, you’ll assess their needs, craft personalized wellness strategies, and be there for support and motivation.

A blend of wellness knowledge, digital communication skills, and empathy are crucial to excel in this field. While remote work offers the convenience of a home office, it also challenges you to stay engaged with clients and up to date with the latest health and wellness trends.

With a clearer picture of the position, you’re likely curious about the types of organizations offering work-from-home health coach jobs. The good news is that numerous companies are looking for skilled and empathetic health coaches to support their clients’ goals.

10 Companies with Remote, Online Health Coach Jobs

From mental healthcare to virtual physical therapy, start your research with this list of 10 companies that offer remote health coach jobs.

1. Charlie Health

Charlie Health, a mental healthcare provider specializing in virtual outpatient treatment, offers roles for empathetic, independent professionals in therapy and mental health. Charlie Health values collaboration and healing, providing comprehensive benefits to support its team.

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2. Elevance Health

Elevance Health, formerly Anthem, Inc., is reimagining healthcare holistically. Recognized for an inclusive and innovative culture, Elevance offers flexible roles in medical, IT, and business development fields.

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3. Health Dialog

Health Dialog focuses on health improvement and cost-effective care. Health Dialog’s services include health coaching and chronic care management, emphasizing individualized support.

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4. Hinge Health

Hinge Health, cofounded in 2014, revolutionizes care for chronic conditions, starting with musculoskeletal health. Hinge’s digital platform combines education, wellness coaching, and technology to manage chronic pain effectively without surgery.

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5. Marigold Health

Established in 2017, Marigold Health is dedicated to enhancing mental health and substance abuse care through peer support and technology. Its AI-augmented platform and mobile app facilitate community connections and recovery support.

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6. Moda Health

Moda Health, a health insurance agency established in 1955, offers various plans and member programs to promote better health. Recognized for workplace wellness, the company values motivated individuals who are dedicated to improving health outcomes.

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7. Parsley Health

Parsley Health, established in 2016, redefines healthcare by integrating modern medicine with wellness, nutrition, and technology. Parsley employees enjoy competitive salaries and an inclusive culture, serving members with personalized, holistic care.

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8. Pelago Digital Therapeutics

Pelago Digital Therapeutics focuses on treating addictions through a digital clinic model combining medication and therapy. Committed to helping millions conquer addictions, Pelago emphasizes accessible, evidence-based treatment globally.

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9. SWORD Health

SWORD Health, a virtual musculoskeletal care provider, combines wearable technology with physical therapy to offer personalized, effective treatment plans. Since 2015, SWORD Health has been committed to making physical therapy more accessible and affordable worldwide.

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10. Vida Health

Vida Health, a tech-driven healthcare company, offers virtual care focusing on mental and physical health to empower health transformation. Vida provides personalized coaching for various health goals, hiring for health, marketing, and HR roles that include part-time and freelance jobs.

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More Remote Jobs Related to Health Coaching

Find Virtual Health Coach Jobs from Home

The diverse range of companies we’ve explored highlights the vibrant scope of remote health coaching, a field rich with opportunities for personal and professional growth in virtual healthcare. These companies are just a sample of the available jobs online as you launch your job search.

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