6 Common Remote Teams to Incorporate at Your Company

6 Common Remote Teams to Incorporate at Your Company

In a perfect (and maybe future) world, every job would be remote-work compatible. However, in today’s workforce there are certain jobs that just don’t lend themselves to working outside of a traditional office environment.

On the flip side, there are many jobs that can easily be done from home. It’s likely your company has entire teams that could be remote, thus saving you money and creating happier employees. We’ve compiled a list below of the most common remote teams to help jump-start your thought process and perhaps incorporate remote teams into your company.

Here are six common remote teams you can easily incorporate at your company:

1. Editorial

Editorial teams are usually comprised of writers and/or editors. Since these types of jobs tend to be more solitary, they can easily be done from home. Writing and editing also require a lot of concentration, so the quietness of a home office can be very conducive to successfully performing on an editorial team.

2. Customer Service

While maybe not an immediately obvious choice for common remote teams, customer service professionals often work from home. Customers are typically assisted via chat programs, phone, email, and social media, so these teams can easily be set up with the headsets, computers, and software needed to handle customer inquiries.

3. IT and Software Development

Technical jobs are one of the most common remote job offerings. Tech companies, in many ways, have led the charge on remote working. And it makes sense that technologically savvy teams would be among the first to leverage that technology to work at home. Whether assisting people with technical support or developing software programs, these jobs are common in the work-from-home sector.

4. Data Entry

An old standard of the virtual job world, data entry teams successfully work from home entering information into computer systems. Data entry professionals span a wide variety of industries—administrative, medical, financial, insurance, retail, and more. If your company has a data entry team, it’s an ideal team to work remotely.

5. Sales

Sales and account management teams often work from home due to the need to travel and meet with clients in person. Some sales professionals work mostly on the phone. Whatever the case, sales is an area with a lot of trust and accountability. Many companies allow remote work for these professionals, so it’s best to consider that setup if you want to stay competitive.

6. Graphic Design

Graphic designers create visuals from graphics, images, typography, and more. Often working for digital and online projects, graphic design teams can work from home easily with the right software programs. There’s also a high amount of freelance graphic designers, meaning they have experience with working remotely on their own.

If you’re planning to incorporate any of these common remote teams into your company, be sure to use Remote.co as a great resource to help you effectively build and manage remote teams.

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