About Remote.co


Remote.co is a resource for companies that see remote work as an opportunity, from hiring to training to managing distributed teams.  We are focused on providing expert insight, best practices, and valuable support for organizations exploring or already embracing a remote team as a significant portion of their workforce.


Our founder Sara Sutton is a passionate advocate for telecommuting and flexible work options. Sara has been running successful virtual teams since 2007 as Founder and CEO of FlexJobs and 1 Million for Work Flexibility. She is regularly featured as an expert in outlets such as Fast Company, EntrepreneurTime, Forbes and hundreds of others. Remote.co builds upon this cumulative knowledge base to create a unique resource for other companies wanting to benefit from remote work.

Stephen Marcu is Senior Director of Remote.co. Stephen joined FlexJobs in 2015 to help bring Sara’s vision for Remote.co into reality. Today Stephen is focused on building Remote.co into the premier remote work resource.


We know the benefits of remote work, but we also know that starting and scaling a distributed company comes with unique challenges. After years of looking for this type of resource to no avail, we decided that it’s time to build one.


If your team works remotely and you’re interested in sharing some of your expert knowledge in our Q&A with other leading remote companies, please contact us below. If you’re hiring, post your remote jobs to our job board.


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