6 Groups That Help People Become Digital Nomads

6 Groups That Help People Become Digital Nomads

If the prospect of working remotely appeals to you, the visual of working from anywhere in the world—beaches, mountains, foreign countries—comes into play. This is where the concept of being a digital nomad comes from.

A digital nomad travels from location to location and takes their job with them. A key component in being a digital nomad is, of course, staying connected to work. But another key component is staying connected to others who can help you in your nomadic journeys.

Below are six groups that help digital nomads get started on their journey, stay connected with their jobs, and mingle with other nomads.

6 Groups That Help People Become Digital Nomads

1. Remote Year

Remote Year helps working professionals travel internationally. You can travel with them for one week, one month, or even one year. Depending on the specifics, you can use the time to rest, renew, and recharge, or work as you travel to destinations selected by Remote Year.

While most participants have a remote job, it’s not a requirement. If you have a non-remote job, Remote Year will help you pitch a remote work proposal to your boss. Remote Year will give you pointers on explaining liability, taxation, and other concerns your boss might have.

2. Hacker Paradise

Started in 2014, Hacker Paradise offers a way for developers, creatives, and entrepreneurs to take short, organized trips that focus on building community, coworking, networking and business events, and traveling. Trips are anywhere from a few weeks to a few months and go to rural as well as urban locations throughout the world.

Hacker Paradise has a built-in structure that allows for knowledge-sharing, goal-setting, workshops, feedback, and more from individuals in a wide variety of specialties and fields. Work time is automatically set into the schedule for participants to get the most out of the location and find work-life balance. And unlike other programs, Hacker Paradise is open to people that want to work on a personal project during their trip.

3. Outsite

Outsite is a retreat concept for working professionals who want to experience an outdoor lifestyle in order to refocus or reenergize. Providing shared workspaces, private rooms, outdoor activities, and a networking community, Outsite allows work travel to be something that speaks to getting back into balance and being the most productive possible while in beautiful locations. Outside is committed to bringing digital nomads to inspiring locations with all of the accommodations needed to continue business as usual.

4. Nomad List

What started as a public, crowdsourced spreadsheet, Nomad List is now a crowdsourced list of information by nomads for nomads. The company collects data from members that gives you information on cities around the world to help make your digital nomad experience better. The company also includes public data sets as part of its analysis and to give you deeper insight into things like safety, weather, and healthcare.

In addition to data and information, Nomad List also offers a way to meet other members. There are regular meetups and more informal connections via the company’s Slack channel. 

5. InterNations

InterNations was started by two friends who met at school, worked internationally, and discovered that, as expats, they had experienced similar challenges every time they moved.

The platform currently has 4.3 million members in over 420 cities worldwide. In addition to giving expats tips on living and working in specific countries, InterNations organizes over 6,000 organized activities every month, in person and virtually. Though there is a free-level membership, InterNations also has a premium membership.

6. Nomad Stack

Nomad Stack is a curated list of everything a digital nomad might need in their travels. From information on coworking spaces, podcasts with helpful advice, and details on insurance, taxes, and visas, Nomad Stack has information about all the details a digital nomad needs to know.

Though the company earns affiliate commissions on the products listed on site, everything has either been personally used by someone from Nomad Stack or is a product or service the company highly recommends.

Wander Away

Working remotely offers employees the freedom to pursue parts of their personal lives that matter to them, and being a digital nomad can marry the flexibility of working remotely with a network of people who share your passion for travel and business. These groups have the experience to ensure new digital nomads are comfortable and able to complete their work in the best places as efficiently as they would in their own home offices.

For more advice on being a digital nomad or working remotely, check out our digital nomad Q&A. Or, start your search for a remote job today!

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