4 Collaboration Podcasts for Remote Workers

4 Collaboration Podcasts for Remote Workers

Tips and tricks for remote workers have finally made their way into the wonderful world of podcasts. In addition to learning about remote workers’ experience via the web, print, and even video resources, telecommuters, and those aspiring to work from home, can easily get access to some of the most informative interviews and first-hand experiences (collaboration podcasts) on how to successfully work from home.

When you’re in need of some inspiration, general information, or just a good old fashioned laugh about the world of telecommuting, here are four collaboration podcasts specifically designed for telecommuters:

1. Collaboration Superpowers with Lisette Sutherland

Collaboration Superpowers with Lisette Sutherland is an informative podcast full of tips for people and companies who are revolutionizing the world of remote work. Collaboration Superpowers shares success stories from work-from-anywhere teams, in-person and online workshops, and tools for effectively “bridging distance to accomplish knowledge work.” Sutherland interviews a variety of guests, always beginning with the questions, “What does your virtual office look like?” and, “What do you need to get your work done?” Sutherland offers readers a chance to learn from real-world professionals who are making remote work a possibility, and in the past has released episodes that include:

  • Be a High Functioning Connected Team In a Sococo Virtual Office”
  • “Communicate Proactively and Build Culture with Brie Reynolds”
  • Work as a Digital Nomad with Piero Toffanin”

2. 21st Century Work Life – remote working, virtual teams, and flexible working

Pilar Orti, director of the London-based, Virtual Not Distant organization, is dedicated to sharing stories and suggestions both on how the future of the workplace is changing and how to work as a part of, and manage, a remote team. Join Pilar and her guest each week to discover new virtual workplace trends, how to better use technology, and how to manage a virtual team. In addition, Pilar teams up with Lisette Sutherland from the Collaboration Superpowers blog for a virtual coffee chat and more tips about being part of a virtual team. Past podcasts include:

  • Can ‘remote’ scale? with Lisette”
  • “Blended Learning”
  • “Meetups and Management 3.0”

3. Life Nomading

This is the blog for self-identified unconventional individuals. Whether listeners are traveling and working on the road or dabbling in entrepreneurship to follow their dreams, this blog has helpful information and resources for both. Each week, unconventional entrepreneur himself, Ian Hoyt, interviews a new guest who shares personal experiences, traveling tips, freelance advice, and overall motivation for listeners to finally take the leap and follow their passion. Hoyt strives to keep the podcasts short, ranging from 40 minutes to an hour, and past podcasts include:

  • “Remote Working and the Startup Lifestyle with Jay Clouse”
  • “A look into an Airline Pilot’s Lifestyle with Al Waterloo”
  • “Millennial Probs with Megan Tan”

4. Remote Control

Remote Control is a podcast delivered by the co-founder of Sqwiggle, Matt Boyd. Boyd digs deep into the questions that really matter when it comes to remote work, including the future of remote work and distributed teams in a weekly podcast format. Using a humor-driven approach, Remote Control users can listen to podcasts such as:

  • “Procrastination and the Pizza Monster”
  • “Productive Travel, Jonas Brothers Songs and Bring Your Dancing Shoes!”
  • “Work at Home Scams, Sites to Make Your Home Office Better and Nigerian Princes”

Podcasts are quickly becoming a viable resource for anyone currently telecommuting, looking for a work-at-home job, or managing a remote team. Try out these collaboration podcasts and many of the other informative podcasts available on the web today for tips and insight into the world of remote work.

By Alexis Reale | March 23, 2016 | Categories: Work Remotely

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