14 Interesting Remote Jobs for Remote.co’s 2nd Anniversary

14 Interesting Remote Jobs for Remote.co’s 2nd Anniversary

Cue the Happy Birthday memes! Remote.co is celebrating its 2nd anniversary as the definitive resource for companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers interested in or already embracing remote work. We’re taking a look at the work we’ve done over the last two years to empower remote workers, teams, and companies. And we’re highlighting 15 interesting remote jobs currently hiring!

First, let’s look at the resources Remote.co now offers anyone interested in remote work:

At a time when telecommuting in the U.S. increased 115 percent between 2005 and 2015, Sara Sutton, Founder/CEO of Remote.co and FlexJobs, says, “I’m thrilled that Remote.co has become a go-to place for both companies and individuals looking to find answers to their remote work questions.”

About the Interesting Remote Jobs On This List

The following jobs were all actively hiring as of July 10, 2017, and they meet the following criteria:

  1. They are 100% remote jobs.
  2. The jobs are available for people located either anywhere in the United States or anywhere in the world (a.k.a. they are not state-specific).
  3. They require minimal travel.

14 Interesting Remote Jobs

One More Thing You Need to Know About Remote.co: the TRaD Works Forum

As a leading resource in this space, Remote.co is co-hosting second annual TRaD* Works Forum (*Telecommuting, Remote, and Distributed) this September in Washington, D.C.. Leaders from Dell, Microsoft, Xerox, ADP, Teletech, Johns Hopkins, and others will gather to discuss how companies can leverage the growing remote work trend. Join us!

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