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Learn a bit more about some of the great people who answered the Q&As as they share some of their remote worker insights and anecdotes on work-life balance, remote work environments, and more.

What is your personal remote work environment?


MacBook Pro 13″, MotoX, several headsets (Bang&Olufsen for music and calls, Jaybird for running). Lots of chargers and battery packs. 🙂


I have a home office that is unremarkable, filled with the cheapest possible furniture, an outdated MacBook Air and a comically old and small Dell…

Trade Conductor

My “office” is my computer and my phone and my flight and my suitcase.

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What are the biggest benefits of being a remote worker?


There are so many benefits, but one of my favorites is that my office is totally pet friendly! My dog and cat keep me company…


The ability to choose the living and working situation that works best for you. It sounds cliche, but a happier employee is a higher performing…


Not being bound by other’s definition of when I should be doing my best work or my best living.

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How do you personally manage work-life balance?

10up Inc.

I’m not sure I do. 😉 But that’s not a characteristic of remote work, necessarily; I blurred those lines at my last job, which was…

Taksa Technology Solutions

With a work culture that we have and the option to work remotely allows me to stay on top of my things and deliver the…

Articulate, Inc.

Since I have three boys, I really need my own work space… So I make sure I have a quiet space outside of my home…

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What tips do you have to disconnect when working remotely?


Set rules and boundaries for yourself. Have a way to signal that you’re taking a break or done for the day. I have a separate…

Referral Rock

My last trip I uninstalled Asana and Slack from my phone and only a few key team members could call me in an emergency. If…

Remote Year

If you have ever walked through a doorway and forgotten why you entered the room, then use that same trick in reverse. Need to disconnect…

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What is your favorite business book?

Jackson River

Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goldman


“Good to Great” by Jim Collins. He really has a handle on real-world business and why some companies are able to create real value for…


I don’t have a *favorite* but I love getting great tips from inspiring leaders!

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Do you have a favorite quote or bit of business wisdom?


The best boss I ever worked for told me, “She with a plan wins.” I reiterate this statement to the team quite often — it…


“A .300 hitter, that rarest of breeds these days, goes through life with the certainty that he will fail at his job seven out of…


Remember that: Losing is part of winning. The more you play, the better you get. The better you get, the better your team gets. The…

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Where is the best or worst place you’ve worked remotely?


I’ve worked remotely pretty much since I started my professional life in 2000. First fixing computers (that I brought home to repair), then managing servers,…


Worst – can’t name any. Best – Hartbespoort near Johannesburg, South Africa during European winter 🙂

GitHub, Inc.

I’ve had some really productive times working in coffee shops and mid-flight on planes, but also other times those same environments have been terrible. Most…

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