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Learn a bit more about some of the great people who answered the Q&As as they share some of their remote worker insights and anecdotes on work-life balance, remote work environments, and more.

What is your personal remote work environment?

My wife (who also works from home) and I generally work from our 2nd bedroom, which is our home office.  There isn’t anything particularly special…

Five Q

For me, we’ve converted an upstairs guest room into my office. My wife home educates our four kids — so this is a productive, happening…


I have a dedicated home office that contains my standing desk, computer, other hardware, and bookshelves. It’s painted a lively, energetic color (yellow) and there…

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What are the biggest benefits of being a remote worker?


If I have to imagine a 9-to-6 life at the office for the next 5 years, I’m confident that this will drastically affect my productivity,…


I love being able to travel and visit family and friends around the world. The freedom to work from anywhere is absolutely incredible and I…


The glamorous answer is that I get to travel and work, which is true! The cool answer is that I get to work with amazing…

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How do you personally manage work-life balance?

Articulate, Inc.

Since I have three boys, I really need my own work space… So I make sure I have a quiet space outside of my home…


For me, the ability to work remotely and flexibly lets me be there for all the important moments for my family. I can volunteer at…

World Wide Web Hosting

This has been, and I believe always will be, a constant evolution for me. Having a home office that I can walk away from at…

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What tips do you have to disconnect when working remotely?


When working remotely, it can help to set designated times for work. You can still retain flexibility, obviously, but working at certain times each day…


I like meeting people, so I make sure to have at least one meeting over coffee each week. I also work from a co-working space…

Ultimate Software

Make sure to have a separate working space when working remotely so that you can shut down and walk away easily.

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What is your favorite business book?


4 hour workweek by Tim Ferriss

Summit CPA Group

E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber

Jackson River

Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goldman

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Do you have a favorite quote or bit of business wisdom?


Structure without bureaucracy is essential.


Trust that everything in your career will work out the way it should, and that you can’t stuff it up if it’s meant to be.…


“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” (Earl Nightingale)

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Where is the best or worst place you’ve worked remotely?


Worst: Economy class in an airplane.   Best: A quiet coffee shop at 6 a.m.

Greenback Expat Tax Services

Worst place: a house in Mas, outside of Ubud, several years ago. The internet line was weak and would go down every time it rained…

Modern Tribe

I worked for a month from Barbados in 2014 and Hawaii in 2010 from a condo overlooking good surf. I love the flexibility my life…

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