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Learn a bit more about some of the great people who answered the Q&As as they share some of their remote worker insights and anecdotes on work-life balance, remote work environments, and more.

What is your personal remote work environment?

Five Q

For me, we’ve converted an upstairs guest room into my office. My wife home educates our four kids — so this is a productive, happening…

Vork Inc

Almost anywhere apart from my desk! When I am at home in Berlin, I work from the couch upstairs, shifting my position for Skype calls…


I spent a lot of time over Christmas break re-designing my office this year.  I added a new couch, photos from sailing trips, and some…

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What are the biggest benefits of being a remote worker?


If I have to imagine a 9-to-6 life at the office for the next 5 years, I’m confident that this will drastically affect my productivity,…


There are so many benefits, but one of my favorites is that my office is totally pet friendly! My dog and cat keep me company…

Ultimate Software

You are able to have the freedom to work on your own time, and you also don’t have to deal with a commute!

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How do you personally manage work-life balance?


I prefer to maintain a distinct separation between my work life and my personal life – it makes it easier to focus when I’m working…

Authentic Form & Function

I find that my best personal successes in the work/life balance realm come from structured processes that guide me throughout the week. Over the last…


I get up early and do calls, because of my timezone. I try and be active on our chat service. I often go to coffee…

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What tips do you have to disconnect when working remotely?


I have a room where I work, a home office. When I enter the room then I’m working, and when I’ve finished for the day…


When working remotely, it can help to set designated times for work. You can still retain flexibility, obviously, but working at certain times each day…

Jungle Scout

Develop good habits and remember that it’s OK to switch off sometimes. Also if you’re stuck on something or you have worked too many hours,…

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What is your favorite business book?

Flex Professionals

I recently finished reading Brigid Schulte’s “Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time”. I read it for her research and writing related…


I’m not huge on business books just because they tend to suggest one-size-fits-all approaches for problems that are typically very unique for each company.  But,…


The Power of Habit Titan, John D Rockefeller Biography

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Do you have a favorite quote or bit of business wisdom?


The best boss I ever worked for told me, “She with a plan wins.” I reiterate this statement to the team quite often — it…


It’s about the journey, not the destination.  


“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes—then learn how to do it later!” –…

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Where is the best or worst place you’ve worked remotely?

Beutler Ink

Worst location is a rental car, while my husband and I were driving from Ohio to Oregon on a summer road trip in 2013. Phone…

OnTheGo Systems

After a big storm we had no power or Internet at home for a couple of days, so I had to find a place where…

Articulate, Inc.

Worst – wherever there is intermittent internet connectivity! Best – Shaw Island, Washington.

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