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Learn a bit more about some of the great people who answered the Q&As as they share some of their remote worker insights and anecdotes on work-life balance, remote work environments, and more.

What is your personal remote work environment?

Working Solutions

My office is in an unused bedroom in my house.  It has a big window in front and great light during the day.  There is…


I live in a tiny house in northern Nevada.  One of the bedrooms is my office, and it’s pretty much a desk, treadmill desk, cat…


I used to work sitting down with a large monitor and my laptop connected together.  I’ve since started standing, working from my laptop in various…

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What are the biggest benefits of being a remote worker?

Trade Conductor

That I do not need to sit in a car and drive. As an example I can walk my 10,000 steps a day while walking around…


Flexibility, better work-life balance, and the ability to manage my own schedule so I have more time for family, friends, and hobbies.

OnTheGo Systems

I love working from the coziness of home—that’s one of the biggest advantages for me. I don’t care if it rains, if it’s freezing cold,…

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How do you personally manage work-life balance?


Boundaries are important. Over the years I’ve learned that to do my best work tomorrow, I need to close down my laptop at a reasonable…


I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 18 and worked extensively across timezones and countries for the last decade. This means that my family has…


Being part of a remote team has made work-life balance a much easier thing to accomplish. I make sure that my down time is preserved…

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What tips do you have to disconnect when working remotely?


When working remotely, it can help to set designated times for work. You can still retain flexibility, obviously, but working at certain times each day…


Have your office space in an appropriate location not within areas used during personal time. Learn that the work will still be there in the…


Work when you really feel like you want to. That way you can show the best of yourself.

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What is your favorite business book?


“The Progress Principle” by Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer is one of the most important books for our business. The two researchers — and investors…


The Power of Habit Titan, John D Rockefeller Biography

Eyeo GmbH

Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux

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Do you have a favorite quote or bit of business wisdom?

Go Fish Digital

I’m obsessive about all things productivity and efficiency.  I believe working smarter and more efficiently is a better use of my time, and it leads…

Intridea/ Mobomo

“If it’s not a little scary, it’s not worth doing!”


As a remote designer it’s really important to constantly share your work with your team or stakeholders. If you keep your ideas to yourself for…

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Where is the best or worst place you’ve worked remotely?


Loud coffee shops with screaming babies. Best is my current office with my beloved treadmill desk! 🙂

Articulate, Inc.

Worst – wherever there is intermittent internet connectivity! Best – Shaw Island, Washington.


I’ve worked remotely pretty much since I started my professional life in 2000. First fixing computers (that I brought home to repair), then managing servers,…

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