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What is your personal remote work environment?

The Geller Law Group

I just moved to a new house, and one of the selling points was the amazing home office I would get to inhabit. It has…


I tend to change things up a little bit throughout the day and I try not to be totally rigid about how I split my…


View some examples in this video highlighting what life is like for remote workers at Dell.

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What are the biggest benefits of being a remote worker?


I used to live in San Francisco and loved my job at Dropbox. However, when my husband was offered an opportunity to move to Barcelona…


I work a lot, but I don’t have set hours, so it’s less stressful when planning meet-ups with friends and family. This is the biggest…


The flexibility of choosing my own suitable work environment, having the privacy to stay focused on work and tune out distractions, and the time and…

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How do you personally manage work-life balance?

Simple [A]

This question is well-phrased because it uses the word “integration” instead of “balance.” I used to find myself carrying a lot of guilt and stress…

Summit CPA Group

My family is really important to me.  Working remotely is the perfect solution to travel sports.  I bring my laptop with me all the time…

Big Universe, Inc.

By being disciplined about work such as starting and stopping at regular hours (e.g. 8am to 6pm). I also work out of coffee shops at…

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What tips do you have to disconnect when working remotely?


Be sure to have an active social life outside of the home. Even if you just do a routine walk through the neighborhood, that is…


I like meeting people, so I make sure to have at least one meeting over coffee each week. I also work from a co-working space…


I think it’s pretty similar to working non-remotely. Different people have different preferences, but I am quite outdoorsy and I like to move. Go for…

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What is your favorite business book?


4 hour workweek by Tim Ferriss


The latest fad book that overly simplifies very hard problems 🙂


The Power of Habit Titan, John D Rockefeller Biography

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Do you have a favorite quote or bit of business wisdom?


It’s about the journey, not the destination.  


Happiness is a journey, not a destination.


“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

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Where is the best or worst place you’ve worked remotely?

GitHub, Inc.

I’ve had some really productive times working in coffee shops and mid-flight on planes, but also other times those same environments have been terrible. Most…

Intridea/ Mobomo

Worst location? Hmm, probably middle of nowhere Florida 🙂  The best location – Amsterdam (hands down!).


Worst location is probably going to be tomorrow. It’s my youngest son’s first day of daycare. I want to be present, but not get in…

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