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In our Hiring Remotely section you'll learn how best in class remote companies use their remote status to recruit the top candidates in the world. Discover how you can increase your applicant pool and find and interview the best candidates remotely.

What traits do you look for in candidates for a remote job?

Ciao Bambino! Inc.

People who are very focused and don’t need to be in a “group” environment to be motivated and work hard are ideal for remote work.…

Beutler Ink

It’s so crucial for anyone working as part of a distributed team to have great communication skills and that can be obvious from the first…

The Cheat Sheet

Someone who is accustomed to having a huge part of their social life come from work can raise a red flag. We lean towards candidates…

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How do you conduct interviews for remote jobs?


After a few exchanged emails our founder, Dave interviews the applicants via Skype. It’s a casual discussion about opportunities, skills, strengths, weaknesses and any questions/concerns…


We do it in a few stages. Directors and partners vet incoming resumes. Then the respective director does a video interview, and focuses on the…

GitHub, Inc.

It depends heavily on the nature of the discipline we’re hiring for, but after collecting applications for the positions we post, we usually start screening…

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How do you convey your remote culture in the recruiting process?

World Wide Web Hosting

We showcase it! We make it very clear in job postings that our positions are remote, and we discuss it during the interview process as…


From the first call we explain to candidates that the organization is remote and the important role our values play in our culture.

Authentic Form & Function

As much as possible, any job listings are purposeful and clear with the type of company we are, and the type of role we’re hiring…

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What is your hiring process for remote workers?


We try to hire the best person for the job, whether they are local or virtual. A good culture fit is much more important than…

Inspired HR

We have been very fortunate as people normally come to us. Due to the fact that we work remotely, many individuals are intrigued by the…

Origin Eight

The process for hiring remote workers if fairly formal. We follow a four-step screening process with multiple team members, filtering out and interviewing candidates at…

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Do you use third party testing or evaluation services when hiring remote workers?


Depending on the position, we will utilize a background check service to conduct a background check on that specific person.  




We’ve just started using Weirdly which lets us have fun quiz style applications for roles. It’s cool.

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How do you conduct onboarding for remote workers?

Referral Rock

We have an internal training course that is led by a key staff member. They learn all about our business, customers, and product. The training…


We have an onboarding information packet which includes all the necessary information, policies, guidelines and forms. “Paperwork Day” has become an inside joke with us…


Onboarding can be done remotely, but frequently the new employees will meetup in person with their immediate supervisor for onboarding. It can be a nice…

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