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    139 companies answer 6 questions.

    In our Hiring Remotely section you'll learn how best in class remote companies use their remote status to recruit the top candidates in the world. Discover how you can increase your applicant pool and find and interview the best candidates remotely.

  • GobySavvy
    Independence is a trait we lean towards. The ability for someone to take a project, and make it their own is...
  • Trello
    The ability to get things done, be self-motivating and driven are all important factors.
  • MomsRising
    We do want people that are highly motivated and collaborative team members.
  • 10up Inc.
    Same way we would conduct them for co-located jobs, with the only differences being (1) video chat instead of an office visit, (2) careful vetting for...
  • AgileBits
    E-mail and Skype, usually. There was that one occasion on which we ran out of time and ended up taking a...
  • Scribendi
    We conduct interviews through video conferencing. This is one of the last stages in the recruitment process, and it’s a...
  • Equivity
    During the recruiting process we embody and describe the characteristics we prize in our company. We are honest to the candidate...
  • Sococo
    First of all, we use our product – an online workplace – to screen and interview recruits. This instantly conveys the importance of remote-ness in our...
  • X-Team
    This is an important one, as you need to make your culture as tangible as possible online for them to see...
  • ThirdPath Institute
    We only work remotely, so the process is the same for everyone.  During the hiring process we include at least one face to face...
  • TNTP
    Our interview process for most roles consists of a hiring exercise, one or several phone interviews, and in-person component. We always discuss team and...
  • Five Q
    Our process is fairly rigorous — and “standard” — but, we do really want to ensure that new staff can thrive well in a remote environment.
  • Fog Creek Software
  • Doist
    We do 100% of the testing and evaluation process of hiring in-house. That said, we do use Workable to manage our application processes from start...
  • Sticker Mule
    Not currently.
  • Pagely
    We have a master Trello board we copy for each hire that lays out in detail the access needed/given,...
  • Ultimate Software
    Via Skype. We have a member of the onboarding team who is dedicated solely to remote employees.
  • Dell
    We have all of our on-boarding materials in a digital format, including a website, documentation, and video. We also have a...

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