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In our Hiring Remotely section you'll learn how best in class remote companies use their remote status to recruit the top candidates in the world. Discover how you can increase your applicant pool and find and interview the best candidates remotely.

What traits do you look for in candidates for a remote job?


We consider our remote candidates no different from in-office candidates. Most of our business team is in office, and most product is remote, but that…

Flex Professionals

Candidates for remote positions in our company must have excellent communications skills and a comfort level with learning new and using technology. We look for…

Must Have Menus

Absolutely. We are drawn to people with great verbal and written communication skills, plus attention to detail. Everyone who is hired spends some time either…

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How do you conduct interviews for remote jobs?

Authentic Form & Function

Our hiring process has evolved over time, and we currently conduct all interviews over a Google hangout to immediately get a sense for how someone…


Most often via Skype. Most of our team members then have a trial period to allow us both to make sure that it’s a good…


Video conference is essential. I’ve even begun asking for videos as part of the application process so I can get a sense of the applicant’s…

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How do you convey your remote culture in the recruiting process?


From the first call we explain to candidates that the organization is remote and the important role our values play in our culture.

Ciao Bambino! Inc.

I clearly stipulate that our remote culture means that our employees must be self-starters and that our training tools are more limited. Our employees must…


We’re completely transparent about our company values and culture in everything we do, including our actual job listings. We don’t want anyone to have to…

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What is your hiring process for remote workers?

Goodway Group

Our approach to hiring remote workers has to be different from hiring on-site workers because not everyone is cut out to be a remote worker.…


Most of our team has approached us directly to ask if we’ve been hiring. That’s one of the advantages of being a relatively well-known remote…


The process is quite complicated because we believe the cost of hiring the wrong person is very high. We start with a survey with questions…

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Do you use third party testing or evaluation services when hiring remote workers?

Answer Connect

Yes, we do a background check as well as testing software to do a computer literacy test, listening skills tests, spelling, and typing tests.

OnTheGo Systems

We only use a service for personality and aptitude tests, which allows us to have one more indicator before we make a decision. We’re continually…


For finalist candidates we do reference calls with people who have worked with them before, and potentially with some shared links in our social graphs.

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How do you conduct onboarding for remote workers?

Project Ricochet

We use the onboarding feature from Bamboo HR to ensure that all the right forms and documents are read. We identify opportunities to further cement…

Inpsyde GmbH

They get all tools, instruction how we work, get to know our team and projects and they already are invited in our social slack channels…


We have built an intranet or what we call “our Digital Vault” with onboarding videos, guides, and a knowledge base. It’s also a place where…

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