Hiring Remotely

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In our Hiring Remotely section you'll learn how best in class remote companies use their remote status to recruit the top candidates in the world. Discover how you can increase your applicant pool and find and interview the best candidates remotely.

What traits do you look for in candidates for a remote job?


Motivation is very important. In order to be successful in a remote environment, one has to be self-motivated. You will not be given daily tasks…


We lean toward people who are active participants in outside communities. This demonstrates leadership, organization and passion being pursued by the applicant, all characteristics that…

Greenback Expat Tax Services

We look for people who have shown initiative and ability to work independently and place a high value on those who have previously worked remotely.…

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How do you conduct interviews for remote jobs?


We conduct interviews through video conferencing. This is one of the last stages in the recruitment process, and it’s a good chance for us to…


After an initial informal chat, we typically have people work 5-10 hours per week for a few weeks to make sure there is a good…

The Geller Law Group

We use a shared office space that has day offices and conference rooms we can rent. When we conduct interviews, we meet the interviewee at…

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How do you convey your remote culture in the recruiting process?

Eyeo GmbH

We always aim at painting the picture as realistic as possible. Usually, every candidate has to speak to one remote working colleague during the process.


Since our entire HR process is remote, candidates and our teachers can see and understand how everything works. Our entire platform is designed solely for…


We respect each applicant and provide whatever information they need to make them feel comfortable. It’s all transparent.

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What is your hiring process for remote workers?

Origin Eight

The process for hiring remote workers if fairly formal. We follow a four-step screening process with multiple team members, filtering out and interviewing candidates at…


The process is quite complicated because we believe the cost of hiring the wrong person is very high. We start with a survey with questions…

The Cheat Sheet

A heavy emphasis is placed on whether working remotely will be a good fit for a candidate. People tend to either love or hate working…

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Do you use third party testing or evaluation services when hiring remote workers?


We use a third-party software that offers skill assessment evaluations to identify the required skills and attributes for this position. We do background screening internally.


Yes, we conduct both reference checks and background checks.

Answer Connect

Yes, we do a background check as well as testing software to do a computer literacy test, listening skills tests, spelling, and typing tests.

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How do you conduct onboarding for remote workers?

Vork Inc

We have not had the need yet, but we have a plan to put in place an onboarding process for new people covering the technology…

Time Doctor

After the interview, we give everyone a small project that takes two or three weeks to complete. We don’t necessarily care if they succeed, but…


We start by giving new hires access to all the tools they need to do their job. We use some tools like 1Password for password…

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