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In our Hiring Remotely section you'll learn how best in class remote companies use their remote status to recruit the top candidates in the world. Discover how you can increase your applicant pool and find and interview the best candidates remotely.

What traits do you look for in candidates for a remote job?


We look for people that are “capable, humble and kind“ (we stole that from another remote company, but I can’t remember which one).  Being capable…


We look for someone who is self-motivated, has a superior work ethic, is technically savvy, and has the ability to work without distractions in their…


We hire only senior developers who can work independently and have reasonable experience. That’s because we believe mentoring remotely is very hard and ineffective. We…

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How do you conduct interviews for remote jobs?


Google Hangouts for the win! We use screen sharing apps as well for code tests and working through case studies and problems in real time

ICUC Social

Interviews are conducted on Google Hangouts and we also use Skype.

Codebusters, Inc.

We interview over the phone and in person, whenever possible. If not in person, then via Google Chat which allows video sharing. The approach is…

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How do you convey your remote culture in the recruiting process?

Sutherland Global Services

We try to stress the qualities we are looking for in our candidates in our job descriptions and through our ad placements, partnering with companies…

Authentic Form & Function

As much as possible, any job listings are purposeful and clear with the type of company we are, and the type of role we’re hiring…


We love using Google Hangouts for our interview process as this is the same tool that we use internally to connect with teammates. This introduces…

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What is your hiring process for remote workers?

Answer Connect

We hire remote workers in much the same way as we would an on-site employee. The only additional steps that we take for remote employees…


Our recruiters speak to our remote work setup and process and what to expect. We also encourage our interviewing teams to have someone included in…

Working Solutions

We use the same general process, though our candidate pool is much larger, and interviews include much discussion around compatibility with working remotely.

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Do you use third party testing or evaluation services when hiring remote workers?


We do 100% of the testing and evaluation process of hiring in-house. That said, we do use Workable to manage our application processes from start…

GitHub, Inc.

Not to my knowledge, although we’re continually looking for ways to improve our hiring process to remove bias, promote diversity, and generally make it a…

Big Universe, Inc.

Yes, we use a third party for background checks including criminal, education and employment verification. We also check at least three professional references.

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How do you conduct onboarding for remote workers?


Onboarding can be challenging for hiring on-site workers, let alone someone who is remote. Luckily, we have really honed in on this process by using…


We’ve been making leaps and bounds here recently and I’d like to share the background to show how things can improve over the years. For…

Goodway Group

We ship laptops pre-installed with all of the software needed. We have a dedicated training and onboarding team to guide new-hires through getting organized, settled…

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