20 Work-From-Anywhere Jobs and 50 Companies Hiring

20 Work-From-Anywhere Jobs and 50 Companies Hiring

Interested in taking your job on the go? With a work-from-anywhere job, you can do just that.

Work-from-anywhere jobs allow you to work remotely from any global location. Whether you want to become a digital nomad, occasionally want a change of scenery, need to be able to work and travel simultaneously to care for aging parents in another state, or simply desire the flexibility to work from anywhere you choose, you can find greater work-life balance with work-from-anywhere jobs.

Remote jobs from anywhere can be found in diverse career fields, but to help you get started in your search, we’ve highlighted 20 work-from-anywhere jobs and 50 companies that offer anywhere jobs.

20 Top Work-From-Anywhere Jobs

The following list features 20 career fields that are ripe with opportunities for anywhere job seekers. Before launching your search for remote jobs anywhere, consider if any of these options are a good fit for your skills, needs, and career goals.

1. Customer Service Jobs

With companies operating globally and serving customers around the world, there’s demand for customer service professionals worldwide. In a customer service role, you’ll serve as a point of contact for customers and respond to their inquiries regarding issues, questions, and general support. Customer service professionals need emotional intelligence, active listening, and problem-solving skills.

2. Data Entry Jobs

Data is present everywhere, and as such, data entry professionals are needed across the globe. In a data entry role, you’ll input information into a computer or database, from word-processing documents to spreadsheets to software programs. Data entry professionals need attention to detail, basic software knowledge, and strong typing skills.

3. Data Science Jobs

In the modern job market, practically every business is data-driven, which means data scientists are needed by companies everywhere. In a data science role, you’ll analyze data to extract insights that inform business decision-making. Data science professionals need business acumen, critical thinking, and statistics knowledge.

4. Design Jobs

Design roles vary from employer to employer, from graphic design to web design, and offer many opportunities to create visuals that help companies everywhere distinguish their branding from competitors. In a design role, you’ll produce graphics for various mediums, from advertisements to logos. Design professionals need design software proficiency, creativity, and collaboration skills.

5. Developer Jobs

Like data, development is used by businesses all over the world, and thus, opportunities to work anywhere as a developer are abundant. In a developer role, you’ll design, program, build, deploy, and maintain software programs using a wide range of tools. Developers need expertise in programming languages, database proficiency, and project management skills.

6. Editing Jobs

Editing is another career area that lends itself perfectly to remote work, as most editing roles require only a computer with word-processing programs and internet access. In an editing role, you’ll proofread and revise written material before publication in blog articles, books, websites, and other platforms. Editors need incredible attention to detail, fluency in grammar and language, and organizational skills.

7. Healthcare Jobs

The opportunity to find work-from-anywhere healthcare jobs continues to grow as telehealth services become increasingly popular. In a healthcare role, you’ll care for patients directly, such as in a nursing role or a health coach job, or indirectly, such as in a support role. Healthcare professionals need empathy, patience, sound judgment, and stress management skills.

8. HR Jobs

Every organization needs human resources professionals to manage their employees, making this field ripe with opportunities for anywhere job seekers. In an HR role, you’ll oversee various aspects of the employment process, from recruiting to benefits. HR professionals need emotional intelligence, decision-making, and interpersonal skills.

9. IT Jobs

Information technology jobs offer diverse options for remote job seekers looking to work from any global location. In an IT role, you might install, maintain, and repair a business’s hardware and software, or you might assist customers and clients with tech-related questions in a tech support role. IT professionals need varying tech skills depending on their specific role but generally require analytical abilities and superior computer and problem-solving skills.

10. Marketing Jobs

To stand out in the global marketplace, companies need marketers who can help them differentiate themselves from competing businesses and successfully market their products or services. In a marketing role, you’ll conduct market research to strategize and implement marketing campaigns. Marketing professionals need customer knowledge and excellent analytical and communication abilities, and freelance marketing jobs offer even more flexibility.

11. Medical Coding Jobs

Medical coding roles offer the ability to work in a variety of remote healthcare settings and are needed by organizations across the globe to ensure accurate medical billing. In a medical coding role, you’ll analyze medical records, document diagnoses and treatments, and ensure proper coding for billing purposes. Medical coders need knowledge of medical terminology, computer literacy, and problem-solving and time management skills.

12. Operations Jobs

No business or organization can operate successfully without operations professionals to ensure efficiency. In an operations role, you’ll help businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies implement best practices to improve their performance. Operations professionals need analytical, planning, delegation, and problem-solving skills.

13. Product Manager Jobs

Product management involves product planning, marketing, and management to help organizations worldwide fulfill customer needs. In a product manager role, you’ll determine and prioritize product and customer requirements, define a product’s vision, and work with other teams to make products a reality. Product managers need strategic thinking, data analysis, prioritization, and collaboration skills.

14. Project Manager Jobs

Project management is a critical aspect of business success, which means there are project manager roles in wide-ranging fields for professionals seeking the flexibility of an anywhere job. In a project manager role, you’ll develop detailed project plans, define project scope, and assign team members to specific tasks to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. Project managers need communication, leadership, and organization skills.

15. QA Jobs

Every organization wants to ensure that their products and services work seamlessly, so quality assurance (QA) professionals can find work just about anywhere. In a quality assurance role, you’ll set quality standards and conduct testing to eliminate any mistakes or bugs in computer and software programs. QA professionals need adaptability, analytical, documentation, and technical skills.

16. Sales Jobs

Sales happen every day in every corner of the world, so opportunities to work anywhere in sales are plentiful. In a sales role, you’ll find prospects and leads, build customer relationships, and sell products or services to meet sales goals. Sales professionals need business acumen, product knowledge, negotiation, presentation, and relationship-building skills.

17. Social Media Jobs

Businesses rely on social media to connect with and engage their customers, making social media jobs a popular option among creative, tech-savvy job seekers who want the freedom to work from anywhere. In a social media role, you’ll create content for various social media platforms to enhance community engagement and network with clients, as well as analyze social activity. Social media professionals need creativity, writing, communication, and customer service skills.

18. Teaching Jobs

Whether you’re interested in leading classes, tutoring one-on-one or in small groups, or working behind the scenes as a curriculum developer, teaching professionals are needed all over the world. In a teaching role, you’ll prepare lesson plans and educate students at different levels, from K-12 and college students to adult learners. Teachers need patience, subject matter expertise, confidence, and leadership and interpersonal skills.

19. Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistant (VA) jobs are admin jobs that involve providing administrative support from a remote location, and the virtual nature inherent in this role makes it ideal for anywhere workers. In a VA role, you’ll handle various admin tasks, from managing calendars and emails to scheduling appointments to overseeing social media accounts. Virtual assistants need customer service, computer, time management, and multitasking skills.

20. Writing Jobs

Writing is a field perfectly suited to remote work. With creativity and talent, writing can easily be done from anywhere, and writing roles often only require a computer with internet access. In a writing role, you’ll produce content that informs, educates, entertains, or appeals to a target audience. Writers need an excellent command of grammar and language and strong research and communication skills.

50 Companies That Hire for Work-From-Anywhere Jobs

The following list features companies that offer anywhere jobs to remote job seekers. Whether you’re seeking digital nomad jobs or an employer that champions flexibility, start your research here.

More Flexible Companies and Remote Jobs

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