10 Highest-Paying Remote, Work-From-Home Jobs ($100,000+ Salaries)

10 Highest-Paying Remote, Work-From-Home Jobs ($100,000+ Salaries)

Are you ready to live free of your daily commute? Or, perhaps you already work remotely but you’re seeking a more lucrative remote job opportunity.

In the modern job market, high-paying remote jobs are expanding. From sales to marketing, companies are searching for talented professionals.

Whether you seek a new work-from-home career armed with transferable skills or have a degree and a solid career map that brought you here, remote jobs are waiting for you. Explore some of the highest-paying work-from-home jobs below.

10 High-Paying Remote Jobs

The world of remote work is shifting and growing in exciting ways. And the pay for remote jobs can be pretty attractive. Here are some of the highest-paying remote jobs available today.

1. Data Science Jobs

Data scientists analyze complex data to help companies make better business decisions. If you’re analytically minded, you can find a data science job in almost any industry you’re passionate about supporting.

Median salary: $103,500

2. Health Services Manager Jobs

Manage the day-to-day operations of healthcare facilities as a health services manager. Your responsibilities will include overseeing budgets, developing policies and procedures, and ensuring facilities comply with regulations.

Median salary: $104,830

3. Human Resources Manager Jobs

With strong leadership skills and a background in human resources, you can lead the HR department for organizations in any field. You’ll oversee other HR professionals as you set the tone for the company’s recruitment and employee policies.

Median salary: $130,000

4. Information Security Analyst Jobs

As cyber threats continue to grow, so does the need for cybersecurity professionals. Help organizations get ahead of online threats in a security analyst role. While a degree can ease your way into the industry, you can also build a portfolio through self-training and certifications.

Median salary: $112,000

5. Marketing Manager Jobs

As a marketing manager, you’ll develop and implement marketing strategies to promote products or services. Conduct market research, analyze data, and work with advertising and PR teams to execute campaigns.

Median salary: $127,830

6. Product Manager Jobs

As a product manager, you’ll guide the development of products from the idea stage to the final launch, where they’re presented to customers and clients. This role is ideal if you’re an organized and strategic thinker.

Median salary: $107,560

7. Quality Assurance Analyst Jobs

Ensure the quality of software and systems as a quality assurance analyst. You will create test plans, scenarios, and procedures for new software designs and work with development teams to develop solutions and upgrades.

Median salary: $127,260

8. Sales Manager Jobs

Lead a team of sales professionals in a sales manager position. Utilize your sales experience and leadership to meet revenue targets. Depending on the company and position, you might work with other high-level executives to set sales goals that align with the company’s objectives.

Median salary: $130,600

9. Software Developer Jobs

Software development has been a solid option for remote work for quite a while. You can expect to craft and debug software systems as a software engineer. Whether you learned your skills on your own, from a boot camp, or via a degree, your portfolio can help you get your start in a new tech career.

Median salary: $124,200

10. Training and Development Manager Jobs

As businesses continue to invest in employee growth and development, the demand for training and development managers is rising. You’ll design and implement training programs that help employees improve their skills and knowledge and fill skill gaps across the company.

Median salary: $120,000

5 High-Paying Remote Jobs Without a Degree or Experience

What happens when you need to map out your career path? Landing a high-paying remote job without a degree or experience is still possible.

We should note that high-paying remote jobs with no experience required will still generally require you to have some work experience—you just won’t necessarily need a long career in the field you’re aiming for. Instead, you can find alternative routes to get your start.

Explore your transferable skills, volunteer experience, and self-taught skills. Or, maybe you’ve learned through boot camps and built a strong portfolio. You can spin that into a new, high-paying remote job.

1. Business Consultant Jobs

Have you considered taking your experience and launching a new career with it? Consider launching a freelance career in consulting. You won’t need a degree, but you must have excellent problem-solving skills as you help companies overcome hurdles or launch new initiatives.

Median salary: $148,300

2. Executive Assistant Jobs

Take your administrative or organizational know-how and turn it into a new career as an executive assistant. Generally, your role will entail supporting one or two executives and managing their communications, schedules, and travel arrangements.

Median salary: $71,050

3. Freelance Copywriter Jobs

If you’re creatively gifted, freelance writing is an excellent path to a high-paying remote job. Not only can you choose who you work with, but you’ll be able to set your schedule. Focus on niches, such as legal and medical fields, to command an even higher salary.

Median salary: $73,150

4. Technical Writer Jobs

Use your love of organization and the written word as a technical writer. You’ll create formal documents, such as user guides and manuals, and break complex information down into understandable content for end users.

Median salary: $79,960

5. Web Developer Jobs

When you don’t have a passion for coding but want to get into tech, consider growing your web development skill set. As a web developer, you’ll work on the technical side of development, analyzing how much traffic a site can handle along with design and functionality.

Median salary: $80,730

Find More Remote, High-Paying Jobs

These roles are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to high-paying remote job opportunities. There are many high-paying remote jobs out there just waiting for the right candidate with suitable skills—academic or self-taught.

If you’re ready to expand your job search, Remote.co’s sister site, FlexJobs, offers an extensive database of remote and flexible job listings. Updated daily with new job postings in over 50 categories, your next high-paying remote job could be a click away. Start your search today!

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