6 Remote Company Wellness Ideas to Support Telecommuters

6 Remote Company Wellness Ideas to Support Telecommuters

Although telecommuting can free up time in a schedule to include more physical activity and focus on health and wellness, it can also be easy to ignore it. For remote companies looking to support their telecommuters, there are numerous wellness ideas to incorporate into your organization.

Telecommuting and having the ability to work from home can create more opportunities to focus on wellness. From having the time to attend needed appointments to eating right and fitting in physical activity, remote work supports overall wellness. However, it’s important for employers to support their staff in their health and wellness needs.

If you’re a remote company, here are some wellness ideas to support your telecommuters:

1. Hold monthly brown bags.

In an informal, but informational, environment, support telecommuters in learning more about various health and wellness topics. A well-researched and engaging presentation each month can help your telecommuters learn about disease prevention, natural living, physical activity, stress, sleep, nutrition, and so on.

To find out what your staffers want to learn more about, consider distributing a survey.

2. Dedicate space for health and wellness.

Do you currently have a virtual space where staffers can chat with each other, find helpful information, or share successes or challenges as it pertains to health and wellness?

If not, consider making one. A simple group on Slack or Yammer can provide a platform for information sharing, which can grow into a movement on its own.

3. Get your telecommuters engaged.

Not only can you get people to virtually participate in a health and wellness group, but you can also strive to get them involved in their health while working.

Consider holding challenges that support healthy eating, standing while working, or getting in 30 minutes of activity. This also doesn’t just promote health; you’ll get your team engaging with each other!

4. Provide a health and wellness benefit.

While a brick and mortar business can offer on-site amenities, that’s a bit harder for a virtual company. Rather than provide the equipment for them, offer up a quarterly or yearly benefit that staffers can use toward health and wellness.

This could include reimbursable gym memberships, at-home equipment, fitness trackers, or food delivery services.

5. Create a wellness committee to run the program.

Although you could get some engagement with a little effort, it’s a good idea to concentrate your efforts into a wellness committee and appointing a lead person.

Not only will this give someone interested in health and wellness something new to explore and support, but it will also make sure that engagement in the program continues and other staffers are in the know and utilizing their resources.

6. Give time for, and support, health and wellness needs.

You could provide a number of health and wellness benefits, but if you don’t give your support and time required for basic health needs, you’ll ruin it all.

Show support to your staffers when they need a mental health day, need to go to an appointment (even for their children), or have a cold and need to mid-afternoon nap. Your support in these areas will prove that you do have their wellbeing in mind and that you want them to focus on their core needs in life.

These wellness ideas are just a few of the many your company could implement to help your telecommuters stay healthy and happy.

By Jessica Howington | Categories: Remote Management

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