13 Companies with Unlimited Vacation Time or Other Awesome Benefits

13 Companies with Unlimited Vacation Time or Other Awesome Benefits

As the job market tightens and companies compete for the best talent, job seekers may find themselves in a place to be a bit more choosy. And when your choice is between two or more of the same types of jobs, it may come down to which company offers the best benefits and perks.

We found these 13 companies with unlimited vacation time or other above-average benefits—and they’re all hiring right now.

13 Companies with Unlimited Vacation Time

First, let’s look at the companies offering unlimited vacation or unlimited paid time off. Each of these companies has decided not to limit how much vacation or time off its employees can take.

It turns out, offering unlimited vacation time off sometimes has the unintended consequence of employees taking too little time away from work, as several leaders at remote companies have told Remote.co. To help fix this issue, many companies have started instituting “mandatory minimums” to encourage employees to take more vacation time.

1. Customer Experience Manager at Student Loan Hero

Along with unlimited vacation Student Loan Hero offers competitive salaries, flexible schedule, equity in the business along with numerous other compelling benefits.

2. Digital Marketing Specialist at Articulate

Articulate operates a results-only work environment, a.k.a. ROWE, so in addition to unlimited time off, it focuses on encouraging employees to develop autonomy, mastery, and purpose in their work.

3. Financial Manager at Teaching.com

In addition to Teaching.com’s unlimited paid time off policy, they provide remote workers with a remote office stipend and hardware assistance, flexible hours, and an annual conference allowance for professional development.

4. Project Manager at GitHub

With remote workers in 18 countries, GitHub says it is “committed to keeping Hubbers healthy, motivated, focused and creative,” and it offers unlimited time off to help.

5. Backend Java Developer at Bonfire

In addition to providing its employees with Apple devices and a competitive compensation package, Bonfire allows for unlimited vacation time.

6. Paid Search Manager at MWI

As part of its pitch to potential new employees, MWI says, “We’re different than anywhere else you’ve worked. Good pay, unlimited vacation, no set work hours, work from home or anywhere in the world, full payment of premiums for health benefits–these are givens.”

7. Frontend Mentor at Bloc

Bloc is making the old apprenticeship model new again, with perks like unlimited time and remote work for its mentor employees.

8. IT Manager at Cloudbeds

On its list of employee benefits, the Cloudbeds offers flexible working schedules with an unlimited PTO policy, along with access to over 10,000 courses within LinkedIn Learning for professional learning and growth.

9. Data Engineer at Impact Health

This company offers unlimited vacation time and remote working, but they do have  “beachfront office paradise” in Playa Del Rey, California, and an urban loft in Pasadena, in case you get the itch to work from an office again.

10. Affiliate Marketing Lead at Tinuiti

If you like the sound of unlimited vacation, you might also like Tinuiti’s other benefits: flexible work schedules, four months of paid maternity leave, and educational stipends are offered.

3 Companies Offering Awesome Benefits

Because unlimited vacation time is still the exception rather than the norm, we also wanted to highlight companies that offer interesting and helpful benefits to their remote workers.

These companies provide generous time-off and other standard benefits like health insurance and 401k matching, but these unique perks really put them over the top.

11. Customer Experience Manager at Student Loan Hero

Student Loan Hero, a company that helps people with student loans become knowledgeable about their finances, offers some generous equipment and wellness benefits for its new remote workers. Its job description says, “We’ll hook you up with a $2,000 technology stipend to purchase a laptop or whatever helps you work. We’ll pay up to $500/month for a remote office space (e.g., co-working space). Plus, you get up to $150/month for gym, fitness classes, nutrition counseling, weight loss programs, nutritious food delivery service, acupuncture, massages, workout equipment, or race registrations.”

12. Online Visiting Professor at DeVry Education Group

Ever wish you had more control over your time? If you work as an online visiting professor for DeVry Education Group, you get to set your own hours and schedule. How does that work if the role requires teaching graduate-level classes in project management? The online courses are “completely asynchronous,” which means the teacher and the students aren’t meeting at the same time.

13. UX Designer at Wikimedia Foundation

The nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation offers some particularly family-friendly perks for its employees. In addition to 100%-paid, seven-week “new parent leave” (that’s right, for moms AND dads, and at a time when the U.S. requires zero paid leave from any company), it also provides five weeks of paid leave to take during a pregnancy. And for parents who need to take their time phasing back into their jobs after new parent leave is over, Wikimedia Foundation offers “flexible options” to help ease new parents back into its workforce.

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