How cool is it to find a remote job that makes you the happiest you’ve been in your career? That’s the case for the subject of this inspiring success story, a woman whose success using our website helped her land a great remote recruiter job.

Our success story highlights the happy job search outcome of Jasmine B. Fed up with a grueling commute, Jasmine decided the time was right to make the transition to remote work that would put an end to hours of commuting to an office every day. Jasmine turned to and found a full-time recruiting coordinator job that’s proved to be a great fit.

Jasmine was hired as a 100% remote worker at DataStax, a computer software company with a global clientele and a long commitment to remote work flexibility. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, DataStax has more than 400 team members who are about 65% remote.

Here’s more about Jasmine’s success finding a remote recruiter job and ending a stressful commute:

Ready for a Career Transition to Remote Work

A driving factor in Jasmine’s job search was the sheer number of hours she was spending just getting to her previous job. “I was commuting about a total of four hours a day, and decided I was ready to become a remote worker,” she said. “My job at the time did not allow for remote work.”

A resident of Port Orchard, Washington, Jasmine said her decision to go remote has made a tremendous positive impact on her life in just five months. “This is the happiest I’ve ever been with a company,” she wrote, responding to questions from about her job search success.

What are some of the specifics of this positive impact? For starters, Jasmine wrote, “I’ve saved on transit costs and food costs.” The list goes on. “Now

[I] have more time to take care of personal errands and catch up with family and friends,” she said. “My stress has decreased, I’ve lost a few pounds and can focus much better in the quiet of my own home.”

A New Career Outlook with Remote Work

Jasmine, who self-identified as a member of the millennial/gen Y generation, said her job change has also changed her career outlook. “Yes, absolutely!” she wrote. “I am currently exploring a long-term career path of becoming a life coach, which means continuing to work from the comfort of my home or even a coffee shop! I am a heavy believer in creating a life that is outside the traditional 9-to-5 environment.”

She’s also spreading the good news about her success using’s job board of fully curated jobs. “I have friends and previous colleagues who are interested in remote work,” Jasmine said. “I have told them to sign up for alerts and to check back every few days for new job openings.”

Strategies and Inspiration for Other Job Seekers

“Finding remote work can be a bit of a challenge,” Jasmine acknowledged. She recommends customizing communications with potential employers to target the specific job application. “You can’t submit the same resume for every job as it needs to be tailored,” she said. She also used other online resources, including Glassdoor and LinkedIn, in her search for remote jobs as a hiring manager or HR coordinator.

Jasmine hasn’t been shy in recommending to acquaintances. “I tell everyone who is in the job market and interested in remote work about the site,” she wrote. “The amount of time I’ve saved commuting has made such a difference. I’ve even been able to travel more while still being able to communicate with my team.”

Jasmine’s final verdict on her job search success? “I am so thankful to have finally found!”

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