Seasonal Side Hustles: Exploring Remote Summer Jobs for Educators

Seasonal Side Hustles: Exploring Remote Summer Jobs for Educators

When the last bell rings and campus quads empty out, teachers, adjunct instructors, and professors who aren’t involved with summer courses may find free time for remote work.

Some may choose to look for an opportunity to hone a skill that’s fallen by the wayside during the semester. Others might strive to pad their vacation fund. Whatever the motivation, there are plenty of relevant virtual  job opportunities for educators in search of a little extra work over the summer.

Finding Your Remote Summer Education Job

When In Doubt, Choose “T”

One way to keep your brain sharp and help someone else get to that next level: serving as a professional tutor or test prepper. Postsecondary institutions all require certain metrics be met by their incoming student populations, so tutors and test preppers are always in high demand. These opportunities run the gamut from the university level on down, including specific preparatory help for the GMAT and GRE—both of which have a recommended prep time between May and July. And you’re not relegated to just the student base at your college or university employer.

Sites like,, Kaplan (a giant in the world of test preparation) and FlexJobs offer remote tutoring positions, so you can plant some knowledge without having to uproot your life just for the summer.

If You Design It, They Will Enroll

Have a great idea for a course, but your school isn’t accepting additions to the curriculum? No problem. With the ever-changing landscape of higher education and blended learning environments comes the need for creative curriculum designers (sometimes called course directors) inside college-adjacent programs. These positions are designed to be successfully completed remotely, and the scope of work and timeline for execution often fall neatly into that span of time between semesters at more traditional educational environments.

A Whole New World

Maybe you caught the travel bug this past semester after a student told you about their spring break trip or study abroad program. Or perhaps you’re just ready for a little change of scenery. If only you could snag an overseas teaching gig…but you don’t have the right experience. Fear not. You don’t have to become an honorary member of the campus Greek club to soon see the Mediterranean. You’ll find a whole host of international teaching opportunities—typically ESL instruction—that will prepare you for a range of onsite gigs in far-flung destinations from Barcelona to Beijing.

Inspiring young minds is challenging and rewarding work. There’s no rule that says you can’t just take the whole summer to unwind and prepare for the next crop of students readying themselves to pass through those classroom doors.

But if a little extra traveling money couldn’t hurt, or if a new perspective on your curriculum (or even the world) sounds like a nice way to spend a few months, picking up a remote summer education job may be in the cards for you. And who knows? Maybe your part-time experience will turn into a full-time passion!


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