Quiz: What’s Your Ideal Remote Workspace?

Quiz: What’s Your Ideal Remote Workspace?

By now you may already know how remote work fits into your professional goals or personality style, but are you operating in your ideal remote workspace? Do you ever wonder if you’re living your best remote life from home, or if you’d perhaps thrive in a more lively location?

You’re not alone. Figuring out the right routine and your most productive time frame can be some of the most daunting aspects of working outside of a traditional office. It’s a struggle for many, including those who aren’t new to a virtual vocation.

But you don’t have to wait another day to start thriving and getting your best work done. Take this fun quiz to find out what your ideal remote workspace is—and if it differs from your usual routine, consider embracing a new location.

Quiz: What’s Your Ideal Remote Workspace?

1. If we’re talking circadian rhythm, you’re definitely a:

a. Night owl
b. Morning person
c. Evening champ
d. Afternoon ace
e. All-around energetic pro

2. When it comes to noise, you:

a. Loathe anything but birds tweeting
b. Prefer working with the radio on
c. Enjoy listening to podcasts
d. Sssh! Total silence, please.
e. Favor ambient conversations

3. Others would describe your work style as:

a. Independent
b. Productive
c. Interactive
d. Focused
e. Collaborative

4. Your current remote role involves:

a. Many confidential discussions
b. Regular client meetings
c. Bouncing big ideas around
d. Concentration on tough tasks
e. Getting external inspiration

5. You’re most comfortable when:

a. You have control of the thermostat
b. You can eat or drink at any point
c. You can duck into an equipped conference room
d. You have peaceful surroundings
e. You’re in a hub-like atmosphere

6. The thing that annoys you most about working remotely is:

a. Interruptions
b. Hunger
c. Solitude
d. Distractions
e. Loneliness

Now, for the really fun part—deciphering your responses!

If you answered mostly A, you prefer a HOME OFFICE. Here, you call the shots and have full control over sound, temperature, and just about every other physical aspect of your workday (except your cat, who won’t ever leave you alone).

If you mainly chose B, you’d rather be in a BUSTLING CAFE. Yes, you are a bit of a remote work cliche, but take heart—there are many others like you around the world! So order an espresso and settle in for a lively workday.

If C called to you, you should consider a coworking space. Painfully hip though they may be, these spaces are wildly popular for many reasons. One of them is the access they provide to a community of professionals—something many remote folks crave.

If D drew you in, head to the local LIBRARY. No, you don’t have to be a total misanthrope to love working out of the library. If your work requires a tranquil space for deep thinking and focused production, this is your spot!

If E spoke to you, you should check out a HOTEL LOBBY. Whether they’re part of a local chain or an exotic destination, hotel lobbies offer a 24/7 stimulating environment for pros who need one, day or night. Bonus: they sometimes even supply free coffee!

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