How to Use to Find Your Next Remote Gig

How to Use to Find Your Next Remote Gig

Finding a remote job, or any job for that matter, takes time and patience. Resumes and cover letters need to be updated, applications need to be sent, a home office needs to be set up, interviews need to be prepared for…it’s a lot, even for a seasoned professional. is here to help any job seeker find that perfect remote gig. We provide a safe job searching experience, along with tons of helpful resources. In order to help you use to its fullest, we’re going over all the pieces of the site and how you can use it as a job seeker to find your next remote role.

How to Use to Find Your Next Remote Gig

Check the remote job board frequently. features job listings that are 100% remote. Organized into 17 different categories, it’s easy to quickly see jobs of interest in your field. Each section has the newest jobs posted first, and any additional flexibility is highlighted in green next to the job title (e.g., part-time, freelance, international, etc.). Each job listing contains a link that goes to the hiring company’s page to make it easy for you to apply directly with that company. The job board also features a search function where you can search by job title, company name, or any keyword you so choose. prides itself on being a scam-free job search experience. Every job and company is verified before being posted to ensure it’s a real job opening with a legitimate company. You can use without worrying about dead-end listings, ads, or scams.

Read best practices from remote companies and workers.

Perhaps one of the most unique parts of is the Q&A section. We presented a list of questions to both remote companies/teams and remote workers to get their best practices and experience with remote work.

We posed 38 questions to 137 remote teams about topics such as why their team went remote, what traits they look for in remote candidates, and what they see as the biggest remote work benefits. You can easily click on each question to see how all the companies responded to that particular question. Or, click on a remote company name to see all of their responses to each question.

We also surveyed 36 remote workers on topics about how to keep a remote work schedule, how to save money when working remotely, how to cope with feeling lonely, and more. Take time to look through to the questions and check out the remote worker profiles to learn more about them. Their insight and advice can be invaluable in helping you prepare for your next remote gig!

Peruse the blog.

We have to toot our own horn and recommend the blog to help you find a remote job. The blog is chock-full of helpful information and advice to help you learn how to work remotely, how to find telecommuting jobs, how to put your best foot forward when applying to remote jobs, and more.

As a job seeker, you’ll likely find the “Work Remotely” section most helpful for you, but the blog also has “Why Go Remote,” “How to Build a Remote Team,” and “Remote Management Insights” as sections. Be sure to also use the search box to find helpful articles on whatever topic you may need.

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