Kickstarter campaigns are a great place to find inspiration, support revolutionary ideas, or just find amusement in some of the outrageously unique products that may or may not come to market (See the Potato Salad campaign that raised nearly $56,000 to make a batch of potato saladyes, nearly $60,000 to make potato salad.)

We scoured Kickstarter to find the top five ideas that, if funded, would be good for remote workers to add to their toolkit of gadgets.

Here are five cool Kickstarter campaigns for remote workers:

1. EnergySac – The World’s Smartest Backpack

For remote workers on the go, EnergySac is a solar panel backpack made by D’code. According to the company, it’s designed to ensure that professionals have access to power wherever their office may be.

The solar panel backpack features two large storage compartments, a laptop compartment, and conveniently located pockets for all of your essentials.

Combining both fashion and functionality, the solar panel backpack also features a detachable solar panel, three USB ports, hidden pockets, and a water bottle holder, all with water resistant material designed to keep your devices safe.

It seems ideal for remote workers on the move because, with the solar panel backpack, you’ll never have to worry about losing power during your travels or missing a beautiful day that could be spent working outdoors.

2. YoUp Desk – Inflatable Stand Up Desk with Tracker

This one is for health-conscious remote workers. The inflatable stand-up desk comes complete with proximity sensors and an app to help monitor standing vs. sitting behavior.

For the digital nomads out there, the YoUp Desk, the world’s first inflatable standing desk, is designed to be as portable as your laptop.

3. Eclipse – A Daily Device Charger

Say goodbye to messy cables with Eclipsethe daily device charger that the Huffington Post says “turns your cable apocalypse into a sea of tranquility.”

Eclipse can accommodate up to three USB devices, totaling 24 total feet of blissfully organized charging. With Eclipse, remote workers can better keep control of the mess that is their office, while simplifying travel and work in airports, coffee shops, or coworking spaces.

Eclipse packs in a lot of features for its small size, as it also protects the devices’ batteries by using an advanced transformer, emits a subtle halo for finding devices in the dark, and is aesthetically pleasing and available in four different finishes.

4. LAVACLIP – A Wireless and Rechargable Coffee warmer

LAVACLIP might be the revolutionary device that coffee lovers have been waiting for. LAVACLIP is a personal coffee warmer designed to redefine the coffee experience.

The device is designed to get you warm coffee wherever you go just by clipping to the bottom of your chosen cup. A Micro-USB port allows for easy charging of the LAVACLIP, as you can never have too much power to keep your coffee, latte, or heated beverage of choice warm.

5. Slice Planner – A Hybrid Paper/Digital Planner

“Master your time with a hybrid paper-digital planning system powered by augmented reality.”

The Slice Planner is designed to bridge the gap between physical and digital devices, making it an interesting product for anyone who can’t live without their digital devices yet longs for the nostalgia of a pen-and-paper planner.

With the Slice Planner, remote workers can seamlessly integrate their paper and digital calendars without constantly having to switch back and forth between the two, which is neither “convenient nor efficient.”

Readers, have you supported any Kickstarter campaigns that would be good for remote workers? Please share with our members in the comments below!

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