Do you work from a home office? How is it organized?

Here it is! Simple and clean—helps me concentrate when there’s no clutter around.

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I do have a dedicated room for work. I have a small desk with a 5k iMac and an external 1080p monitor in portrait mode (I find this better for webpages and iPhone simulators). Apart from the computer, my desk only has space for my tea and water and a Blue Yeti microphone I use for podcasting and Skype. I have lots of bookshelves (mainly full of LEGO) and a small orchid by the window.

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Yes…wherever I live at any given moment. At time of answering this interview, I am in Tokyo… so here is my work space.

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We always select apartments that are very centered, in the heart of lively areas, full of daylight, with a happy feeling, and with an unobstructed view. And usually the first thing we do when we move in, is put the table by the window.

Yes. We originally had a room earmarked for a home office, but I’ve really taken it over and made it into a true office space. I have a large L-shaped desk with plenty of room for a couple monitors, printer, etc. There’s a TV in the office, which rarely gets turned on, and also a small couch. If the weather’s nice, I’ll take advantage and sit outside on the patio.  

Generally I do, but it really depends on where I’m living. When I was renting a place in Mayoyao, in the Philippines, in the middle of nowhere amongst rice terraces, I sat at the kitchen table in the home where I was staying. Here in Wichita, where I’m staying at the moment, I have my entire space set up for work: the living room has a studio, complete with lighting and tripods and a blank white wall, while the back room has podcasting equipment and a sturdy desk.

No. Then again, I don’t have a ‘dedicated home’!

I have a home office (spare bedroom). It’s very simple, just a laptop, desk, chair, and basic office supplies.  

Yes, I do. And I like my big work desk at home a lot. When I’ve spent some time on the road working from tiny coffee shop tables, train seats, bus stations, etc., it feels rather luxurious to have a big desk to work on for a while, with a nice desktop computer and plenty of room for books or whatever else I want to be using. I’d manage fine without it, though.

Yes, I have a dedicated home office. It’s about 15 ft. x 15 ft. and a really big window (for 14 years I had practically a cupboard with no window—the new office is better). I have the largest desk I can fit in the room, and I have a docking station for my laptop, a 34-inch monitor, and a second 24-inch monitor on a funky swivel/lift arm thing that’s really comfortable. I have the best chair I could afford, storage space, and yes, a TV on the far wall. It helps me sometimes adjust my focus so I’m not always looking at a screen 20 inches from my face. I have a landline and a dedicated ADSL line just for my work. My favorite toy is the wireless headset. It reaches to the swimming pool. That’s another story.

My office is in the basement of our house. I call it my basement lair. It’s basically just my desk, a chair, my computer/phone setup … and about a thousand books. You never know what you might need for reference for a piece, right?

We’ve converted an extra bedroom into a home office. My husband and I both share it and our desks are against a wall that has a window overlooking our front yard, which is a great vantage point to see Amazon Prime packages getting delivered! We both have extra monitors in addition to our laptops and our backs are fortunate to have ergonomic chairs. We have a dry erase board in our office so that we can keep track of impending work and have some personal artwork hanging. Our office is an extension of our home and our personalities.

Yes! I set up my home office just as I would in an office building. The best part is having two big monitors to get my work done more efficiently. My home office does house a couple of dog beds for my “coworkers,” who keep me company throughout the day.

No, I don’t have a home base so I don’t have a home office. No matter where I am, though, I use my Roost stand—it’s changed my ability to work without pain.

Yes—I have a desk, a monitor, and headset ready to plug into my laptop; an office chair; and a printer. My office has a door I can shut for privacy and a window to allow natural light. It is upbeat and work friendly.

I’m nomadic 24/7 and currently have no home office.

I have everything I need to work from home, but I don’t have a dedicated home office. Most days I work at the home dining table, which I find comfortable, and one to two days a week I’ll work at the local cafe next door. I setup my computer, charger, headphones, phone, and notebook, and I’m good to go for the day.

I bought a desk when we recently moved into our new studio. The desk sat there empty for two weeks, while I sat at the dining table. That desk quickly went online for sale. In home office living, I think it’s about finding what’s comfortable and what works for you.

An extra bedroom in the house is set up as a dedicated office. It includes a desk setup with a docking station, monitor, keyboard, mouse. It includes chargers for all devices. A bookcase houses office equipment such as a printer, notebooks, writing utensils, post-its, etc. I use a mobile phone instead of a landline for business. I use my home Wi-Fi to connect via VPN.

I have a beautiful home office with an excellent internet connection, a comfortable chair, an electric sit-stand desk, multiple monitors, a great stereo system, excellent coffee, and a neighbor cat who comes to visit.

I do but it’s very minimalist. I try to work paper-free so that’s one less organizational task I need to care for. I have a desk with my laptop, laptop bench (in case I’m on the couch), smartphone, iPad, and an organizational bin. In the bin, I keep my paper calendar, any paperwork that needs attention, folders, magazines I use for research (like Working Mother magazine), and other office supplies.  

We do not have a home office. We run our entire business on 2 Dell XPS laptops, DSLR camera, an external hard drive, a highlighter, and a pen.

I have a dedicated home office above our garage. I keep it pretty sparse in terms of furnishings and just stuff, so I can’t get distracted. I have a regular desk (this one is usually set up as a filming set, because I use it to film our curriculum videos), plus a standup desk, a TV that is always off or showing the news on mute, and of course dog beds. ^_^

My home office is nothing fancy. All I need are a table and an outlet where I could put all my electronics in one place. I use another LED screen as my second display. But if I’m traveling I’m fine with just a laptop as long as I’m near an electric socket to charge my other gadgets and my laptop as well.

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Yes, I have a writer’s desk. It has a file system for invoices, pay stubs, etc. I also have a printer. I try and keep it low-maintenance as I find clutter to be distracting.

Yes, and I’ve been obsessed with perfecting it. It’s still not totally there, but it works for me. For a while I had two desks, one for sitting and one for standing. I recently got rid of the standing desk and now I just have one spot by the window so I can watch birds at the feeder, or fox trot by. I’ve got a small futon under some bookshelves on the opposite wall.

I have a laptop in my living room on a portable table. That’s my office.