The Mobile Minds Project is dedicated to exploring and advancing remote work globally and, to that effect, is honored to be a part of the Mobile Minds project. Below you can learn more about the initiative and how it came about, what specific topics are included in the Mobile Minds project, and how to download the Mobile Minds White Paper.

What Is Mobile Minds?

The Mobile Minds project was born out of the World Economic Forum's interest in evaluating and solving some of the world's most pressing issues, including technological advances of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, economic migration, the growing prevalence of cross-border commuting, and the increasing global competition for talent and skilled workers.

Topics in the Mobile Minds White Paper

The benefits for companies integrating remote and mobile work including:

  • cost savings
  • improved productivity
  • agility and scalability
  • increased access to talent
  • reduced turnover
  • improved retention when implementing remote work options

Societal benefits of remote and mobile work, such as:

  • global traffic mitigation
  • lessening environmental impacts
  • the social and cultural benefits of bringing people together from different locations around the world
  • emergency and disaster preparedness

The challenges of implementing widespread cross-border remote work can include:

  • a complex tangle of taxation, employment issues, and labor laws between, and even within, countries
  • worker pay and classification issues, such as minimum wages, part-time and full-time status differences, overtime compliance, background checks, employee versus freelance classifications, education and skills gaps, and compensation
  • consistency and/or implementation of fair labor standards
  • awareness of and sensitivity to cultural differences

The white paper concludes by offering three actionable steps that businesses, governments, and related organizations should take in order to support and grow cross-border remote hiring.

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