Virtual Experience Leader at Unsettled

Remote | International | Part-time

Unsettled Virtual Experience Leader Position

  • Part-Time Positions Available Starting March 2021
  • Location: Fully remote.

Do you have a background in facilitating online professional development experiences? Do you come alive in high-energy and participatory group dynamics? Are you a thoughtful leader with a skill for guiding others on meaningful journeys? Have you facilitated learning journeys in virtual environments for large organizations?

If you are skilled at creating friendly and supportive environments online, come with a passion for community building and out of the box thinking, are dedicated to helping people be at their best, and are a thoughtful team player then read on. Unsettled is looking for a new batch of dynamic Virtual Experience Leaders to help run our world class experiences.

If you regularly receive compliments for your thoughtful energy and enthusiasm, understand the transformational power of virtual experiences, and are coachable and excited to learn the Unsettled signature approach than this could be you.


Unsettled is both a platform and a process for those who embrace the unknown and value meaningful human connection. A space for those who believe that feeling a little bit “unsettled” is a positive impulse for change, innovation, and exploration.

We create in-person and virtual experiences for today’s professionals who seek to take their work beyond traditional borders. Through our experiences we build communities for organizations and individuals who embrace change and view our new world of remote, hybrid, and distributed work as an opportunity to build stronger, more resilient workplaces where people thrive, are fully engaged, and reach their human potential.


Unsettled Virtual Experience Leaders are the enthusiastic, charismatic, and inspiring community builders for participatory journeys that are based in Unsettled’s hands-on and co-created approach.

We take companies, organizations, and teams on journeys of learning, change, and capabilities-building. Unsettled’s Virtual Experience Leaders are the facilitators, planners, relationship managers, hosts, guides, and companions for these curated groups of highly creative and talented professionals. Our Virtual Experience Leaders facilitate in a unique, process-driven style that brings the participants’ experience, challenges, and big ideas to the forefront of the conversation.

The primary role of a Virtual Experience Leader is providing experience preparation, facilitation, and support for participants during these community experiences. Additionally, you will work closely with our partners, clients, and relationships to ensure a world-class experience is managed from start to finish.



You easily and naturally facilitate conversations, workshops, and transformational experiences, especially in virtual environments. You are comfortable facilitating candid group dialogue and have deep experience doing this for groups of experienced and high-achieving professionals and corporate clients. You understand how to create the virtual space where participants can step fully into their own process and experience, even if at times that means you step aside. You know the value of asking thoughtful questions, the importance of thorough prep and smooth technical facilitation, and the need to be adaptable in the moment. You also know the expectations and culture in large organizations, from Fortune 1000 companies to the world’s largest philanthropic foundations.


You are participant-, customer-, and team-centric. You care deeply about seeing people succeed and grow. You know how to support and challenge people in the right ways. You fundamentally view your role not as the center of the experience, but as the one who curates others into the center of it. You are not caught up in being the “expert” in the room, instead you believe everyone is indeed an expert of their own work and lives, and your role is to help them unlock that potential. On the backstage you bring strong communication skills to support remote teamwork.


This journey excites you and you bring genuine energy and enthusiasm to all you do. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a workshop, out after dinner, or are having a one-on-one conversation, you are able to show up with full enthusiasm and energy to the task at hand, bringing a friendly and supportive style. You are able to muti-task, thrive in dynamic environments, and stay flexible at all times.


You are an experienced community builder who understands how to read, manage, and support group dynamics. You get energy from and want to be around people. All your life you have understood the unique power of people coming together, and you value creating shared spaces that let people be different together. You are a natural connector, a keen observer, and are always looking for opportunities to build strong relationships, positive group dynamics, and meaningful discussions that make space for everyone.


You see yourself as a professional in all you do. You’re at home inside of the c-suite and the HR offices, are able to manage both small and big tasks, and function well in both solo and group work. You are polished and will put in the work backstage to be prepared and relaxed on the frontstage. You know how to bring an authentic diplomacy to how you present yourself, even in tough situations. You always aim to deliver the highest quality of work and you’re an optimist about the role business and business leaders have in contributing to the world.


The Virtual Experience Leader responsibilities includes:

  • Implementing the core Unsettled approach, by preparing for and facilitating co-created experiences, communities, and workshops.
  • Timely delivery of the project’s touchpoints, including session planning, prep, and post work.
  • Professional presentation at all time, in alignment with the Unsettled style, approach, and brand.
  • Communicating enthusiastically, actively, and honestly with team, staff, participants, and partners.
  • Working with the Unsettled team and other Experience Leaders to diligently manage your part of the engagement, and always thoroughly prepare ahead of time.
  • Professionally handled relationship management with the project’s point of contact.
  • Ready, willing, and excited to grow into a world-class facilitator every time and moment you are on the frontstage because it’s your goal to always be better than your last time.
  • Continued training and development, including pro-active self study and asking your Unsettled colleagues for critiques, coaching, and to help you grow.


More than anything, we are assessing your style, approach, and fit for this role. We are looking for someone who is eager to learn, is a team player, and will help us deliver world class experiences. Your degrees or previous job titles won’t impress us as much as how you show up to this work. That said, you likely have these qualifications:

  • 5+ years of dedicated experience with a primary responsibility in program facilitation, leadership training, teaching, coaching, professional development or similar field.
  • 10+ years as a business professional, working inside of companies or organizations, large or small, or as an independent contractor working with clients.
  • 2+ years of facilitation, teaching, or training that has been conducted virtually and/or you have a demonstrated expertise as a futurist in how the workplace is evolving.


  • Experience running the front stage, diligent preparation, and strong organizational skills.
  • Experience building and growing diverse communities.
  • Proven ability to work in diverse cultures, environments, and with staff from different backgrounds.
  • You excel in remote, online, and non-traditional work environments, including small teams and start-up mentalities.
  • A willingness to learn new ways of working and facilitating.
  • Fluent in English.


  • A leadership coach who gets paid gobs of money to coach executives.
  • Someone who knows everything about facilitation and are not open to learning a new approach.
  • A facilitator who comes in for short-term events, limited projects, or expects tremendous daily pay for rates for one-off experiences.


This will be a part-time/fractional role. We do not expect to turn into a full-time role. Why? Because we believe that fractional roles are a major piece in the so-called “future of work” that’s already arriving. You are looking to feel part of a team, but love autonomy as well. You don’t see yourself as a consultant as much as a part-time team member who wants to join our team and be around for the long haul. To that end, we plan to compensate the role well and based on the applicant’s experience.

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