Video Editor at PetLab Co.

Location: Remote, US
Salary: $50,000 Annually
Benefits: 401k Matching/Retirement Savings, Dental Insurance... 
| Full-time
PetLab Co.

Video Editor (Remote in the USA)



Full time

United States


Video editor – 100% Remote in the USA

PetLab Co. is the world leader in online ad creation in the pet supplement market with 50%+ market share, 9-figure revenue, profitable and rapidly growing with ambitious plans for global expansion. We’re searching for a hands-on video editor/ producer who has generated over $500k+ from creatives on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snap and Pinterest to join our creative team.

You’re not only fantastic at filming and editing content for Youtube, Meta and TikTok, but can quickly identify opportunities online to capitalize on – meaning, you understand how to identify creative ideas but also film and edit them into commercially successful video ads/content pieces, working with a team to fine-tune the best scripts, content, and talent, and maximize the opportunity by constantly iterating creatives.

So, if you love 100% owning your creatives from A-Z, not just the editing aspect, but being accountable to ensure the script, hook, angle, etc. are all dialled in, and…

  • 4+ years experience building viral content for YouTube, Meta or TikTok.
  • Creative and able to adapt to different editing styles
  • You have a strong ability to write concepts, angles and full scripts
  • You have a knack for filming and editing longer form content, like YouTube content, documentaries, films… etc
  • A perfectionist in all things, ensuring the final export is perfect.
  • Keen to join shoots across the US.
  • You have exceptional experience with filming both macro and micro shots.
  • You’re completely addicted to your craft, constantly trying to improve your results…

… then please keep reading as you may be the perfect fit.

What are the Key Points?

  • Core Compensation: $50 – $70,000 (base + bonus)
  • Location: 100% Remote in the USA (global team of 140+)
  • Benefits: Health/Dental/Vision/Disability/Life + 401k + 20 Days PTO
  • Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET (non-negotiable)
  • Culture: Think Fast, Move Fast, Learn Constantly… and Have Fun!
  • #1 Objective: Deliver Consistent, Profitable Scale

Who Will You Report Into?

Hello, my name is Michael Farah, Head of Innovation at PetLab Co., and I need your help. We started PetLab Co. in November 2018 because we saw an unmet need to offer safe, effective nutritional supplements to help pets have their happiest, healthiest lives. Since then, we’ve become the fastest growing pet health brand in the U.S., thanks in part to our rigorous approach to creative output and our focus on optimized ad content.

And that’s where you come in. We’ve built a highly efficient team of producers, and writers to develop cutting edge content. Split between fast-paced ads and long-form educational content for Youtube. We ideate, produce, film and edit key content to generate revenue first and educate our viewers second.

What’s the Ideal Candidate’s Background?

We’re not just looking for any video editor, we’re looking for someone who is a true creative with the ability to convert ideas into profitable videos for Facebook, TikTok and Instagram ads and also maintain high viewership on Youtube… someone who understands the importance of each line in a script, and can edit incredibly convincing ads but also produce and film live-shoots in a variety of locations.

What’s It Like Working at PetLab Co.?

We’ve gone to great lengths to set up a data-driven culture wherein the best ideas win, regardless of where they come from. As a rapidly growing company, we prioritize finding people who can think fast, move fast and deliver fast… while having fun at the same time.

To that end, here’s what you’ll get access to when you join our team:

  • Clear Reporting – Getting accurate and timely data is crucial to enabling you to do your job, which is precisely what our standalone data analytics team delivers
  • Collaborative Team – There are no silos here, we all understand that to win, we must help each other out as necessary, doing things outside our normal jobs when needed
  • Scientific Rigor – Everyone on the marketing team shares the same philosophy to attack every challenge with an experimental test-and-learn process to tease out success
  • Variety of Challenges – Given we’re just entering our 5th year as a company and growing rapidly, the challenges keep coming with new products, promotions, categories, etc.
  • Refreshing Autonomy – Expectations are always set high for anybody who joins the team, but so too is your autonomy to figure out how best to deliver against your objectives

You’ll also find that everyone here listens – if something isn’t working, we respectfully call it out. If something is needed, those needs are heard. If there’s something we can do better, let’s hear it.

How Will Your Time Be Spent?

Here’s an approximate breakdown of how you’ll spend your time while taking full ownership of your creatives.

  • 10% on Strategy – Identifying new opportunities to develop with the team.
  • 20% on Producing/Filming – Sourcing talent and filming with industry experts.
  • 70% on Execution – Scripting, Producing, Filming or Editing creative ideas.


  • 2 – 3 Years in creating online ads – generating over $500,000+ revenue on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok…
  • Full circle involvement– from scripting ads to creating elements in after effects, you’ve had a part in each component of the content creation process.
  • Creative – Extremely comfortable crafting and developing creative concepts but also translating them effectively to the team.
  • Think Fast, Move Fast – Energized by a high-velocity, high-growth entrepreneurial environment with lots of creative freedom.
  • Driven to Excellence – A natural end-to-end ownership mentality with a relentless inner drive to excellence that other people find energizing, inspiring and motivating
  • Exceptional Communicator – A perceptive listener who quickly synthesize info and can formulate a methodical action plan that can be clearly articulated verbally and in writing
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