Senior Unix QA Test Development Engineer at DomainTools

Location: Remote, US
Salary: CO$8,787,711.68 Monthly
| Full-time | International

Title: Senior Unix QA Test Development Engineer (Remote – Colombia)

Location: Remote Remote CO

Job Description:

DomainTools is seeking a Senior Unix QA Test Development Engineer to join our Release Engineering and Software QA team. We want you to research, develop, deliver, and manage cutting edge techniques in software testing and automation. You will closely collaborate with development and operations teams to provide quality and speed in continuous integrations.

This position is perfect for someone interested in building powerful cybersecurity products and features for our enterprise customers. DomainTools’ solutions help fuel mission critical efforts for customers in gathering threat intelligence, doing threat hunting, performing online fraud investigation, and more.

Our team manages over 150 open source and proprietary software packages, including with DNS and networking technologies, with tracking software portability and compatibility with newer systems, libraries, dependencies, and security updates.

Location: Remote – Colombia

Schedule: US Business Hours

Compensation: 8,787,711.68 COP per month


Job Responsibilities

  • Designing, developing and extending unit and system tests using C, Python, Go and/or Unix shell to ensure reliability and quality of the software.
  • Write test cases/scripts, create test data, and document expected test results.
  • Assist with quality control for source-provided documentation and build environment configurations.
  • Participate in code reviews and discussions to ensure projects’ building and testing success.
  • Assist with Jenkins automation configurations and server maintenance.
  • Maintain build hooks and testing branches with GIT.
  • Assist with installations and maintenance of Linux build and test farm.
  • Utilize code analysis tools for improving tests.

Key Applicant Qualifications

  • 5+ years experience with software development with focus on test development in C, Python, and/or Go (at least two languages).
  • Advanced experience and critical thinking in building Unix software from source code, including understanding dependencies, build options, and debugging and troubleshooting build and installation failures: 3+ years
  • Unix portable shell scripting experience: 3+ years
  • Continuous Integration automation experience, such as with Jenkins: 3+ years
  • GIT merging, rebasing, and conflict resolution experience.
  • Collaboration skills for working effectively in a team and communicating ideas clearly.


  • Linux RPM, Deb packages, Pkgsrc, or BSD ports software packaging experience.
  • reprepro, aptly, or createrepo experience.
  • Development or administration experience with Internet protocols and services such as DNS, HTTP, SMTP, or BGP.
  • Experience with autoconf, automake, pkg-config, cpp, and Makefiles.
  • Experience with python
  • Experience with jenkins-job-builder.
  • Experience with openstack API.
  • Linux or BSD system administration experience.
  • Experience with ansible.
  • Selenium UI testing experience.
  • REST API testing experience.
  • Experience with code coverage reporting and profiling tools.
  • Doxygen, pydoc, and/or manpage writing experience.
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