Senior Product Manager – Marketing and Content Collaboration at Gatsby

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Senior Product Manager (Marketing & Content Collaboration)

Want to shape the future of content collaboration on the web?

About Gatsby

The web is a critical resource for all of humanity in the 21st century. Gatsby makes creating for the web dramatically better by making creating novel experiences easier — shortening the time to try experiments, collaborate around changes, and to deploy incremental improvements. Gatsby has quickly grown to be one of the biggest and most exciting open source projects on the web, with almost 100,000 developers using Gatsby every month.

As a remote-first, community-focused team, Gatsby’s core values include transparency (we work in public most of the time); creating a safe, high-trust team; building incredible developer experiences; maintaining a healthy working environment; and helping deliver web experiences that feel amazing to use on every device and connection type.

Details of this role:

  • Type of work: Full time
  • Location: Remote (preference for UTC-8 to UTC+0)

Why we’re hiring

Content collaboration has changed a lot since the birth of the CMS. Your role will be to help it change even more.

In the early 2000s, CMSs pioneered collaboration. But in 2020, the state of the art is being defined by SaaS apps: shareable URLs for particular artifacts, on-page commenting, annotation, fine-grained and role-based permissioning models, in-product kanban boards, beautifully designed workflows, and so on.

In late 2000s, CMSs contained all the functionality necessary for building a site: templating, forms, analytics, search, and so on. But in 2020, the future is the content mesh. When website teams want to add content, they can use Contentful; for search, Algolia; for payments, Stripe; for analytics, Segment; for A/B testing, Optimizely.

Your job will be to figure out what content collaboration looks like in modular, best-of-breed content mesh world; and then, step-by-step, recreate CMS functionality in an even better way. Just as Sketch’s lack of built-in collaboration (as an installed rather than cloud-based app) led to the rise of Invision, Figma, etc with rich commenting, markup, and other collaboration features, Gatsby’s collaboration tooling will eclipse current CMS tooling.

Yet doing this skillfully will be a mix of greenfield and the adjacent possible; building block-by-block in a way that appeals to incremental users: content creators and editors on teams that are already using, or considering, Gatsby.

What you’ll do on a day-to-day basis:

  • Determine what gets built and delivered to customers. You’ll acquire, as quickly as possible, deep knowledge of the customer, of the data, of internal stakeholders, and of the market and industry. Your job is to see the forest and the trees clearly enough to identify the product paths through it.
  • Work closely with design. The patterns for how content collaboration should work in the content mesh are less clear than current paradigms where you have full control over content sources. You’ll need to work closely with design to think through these problems and provide maximum utility and minimal friction to end-users.
  • Work directly with engineers to build exceptional products. You will lead the product development process from roadmap development to building, testing, and launching products on time.
  • Balance the business needs and technical constraints by navigating bottlenecks, providing escalation management, and anticipating trade-offs.
  • Work with product marketing to position Gatsby collaboration features. Positioning will be crucial in moving Gatsby Cloud spent from smaller developer budgets to larger marketing budgets.
  • Balance multiple personas. You’ll be responsible for building for a number of different personas that are using Gatsby (content creator & editors, other marketers, execs, agencies) & will need to balance their needs and priorities.
  • Advocate for the customer by being a champion for the user experience and having deep customer empathy.

Experience & Qualities

You’ll need to hit the ground running, which means experience getting your head around these aspects as quickly as possible.

  • Launched products successfully as a PM in a startup environment. We’re iterating rapidly on a number of fronts, and tend to optimize for quickly getting product in the hands of users (and receiving feedback) over Platonic feature-completeness. Familiarity with SaaS collaboration and/or the CMS. A large part of what you’re doing is applying SaaS collaboration patterns to content management, so you’ll want deep familiarity in at least one area.
  • Familiarity with the developer persona. While you won’t be directly PM-ing the developer persona, a huge part of the Gatsby experience is the Gatsby CLI and suite of related tools (GraphQL, hot reloading environment, etc). A comfort with technical details is paramount — bonus points for specific knowledge about front-end development and/or CMSs.
  • Great judgment. You will need to consistently manage tradeoffs and evaluate new ideas. These decisions often have a vast impact. As Amazon puts it, “leaders are right. A lot.”
  • Write, speak, and think clearly. Gatsby is a distributed company and relies heavily on crisp and thorough writing. Your ability to get the right feedback and align the company will rely heavily on thoughtful synthesis of internal and external conversations and strategic planning into product documents, and clear communication to all stakeholders.
  • Leverage metrics to focus on value. You have experience using data and metrics to back up assumptions and assertions of business value. You also leverage your strong analytical skills and ability to dive deep to develop a nuanced understanding of your product and customers, and to create effective strategies.
  • Comfortable owning entire products. You will be managing Gatsby’s commercial product. As a product-driven company, a large proportion of whether we hit our annual revenue targets will be whether we’re able to ship enough value to our company.
  • High level of curiosity. The web is an incredibly diverse place with a huge number of different communities. You’re fascinated to learn about the challenges, workflows, and hopes and dreams of a wide variety of people.
  • Trustworthiness. A great product manager is trusted deeply by the engineering team. Tech leads and engineering ICs feel comfortable DM-ing their product manager at any time when they run across product questions in their day-to-day work, because they can count on getting accurate, thoughtful, helpful context.

The best parts of this job

  • Your role will be key in making Gatsby the next way to build on the web—and a technology that enables the next billion internet users. ‘Nuff said.
  • You will lead the production of one of the most highly-anticipated products in the web development space. Freelance developers and enterprise companies alike are eagerly awaiting the launch of Gatsby Cloud—and you will lead it.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to play a huge leadership role in a high-profile, growing company. Next to the CEO, this is perhaps the most cross-functional role in the entire Gatsby organization. You’ll have the chance to influence the work of almost everyone in the company.
  • You get to interact with an active, open, friendly community of developers that are really excited about building high-performance, fun-to-use websites. Their energy is often infectious, and you will leave conversations with them even more excited about Gatsby.

The worst parts of this job

  • This role involves building for a fairly greenfield persona. We’re building a whole new suite of functionality, in an absolutely huge potential market, for a content editor/creator persona. If you’re the type of PM that prefers building feature #9 or #19 for a persona, to feature #2 or #3, this role probably isn’t for you.
  • You will need to ruthlessly prioritize your workflow. Because our user audience is so diverse, there’s a huge amount of potential things to do at any time. You’ll need to be comfortable with thoughtfully choosing where to focus and communicating that.
  • Stakeholders are dispersed far and wide. The largest clustering of people in one place is 5 folks in our Berkeley office. We have a strong sense of identity and are very close, but if in-person interactions with a large number of people is important to you then this may not be a good fit.


  • Unlimited vacation policy, with a minimum of 15 days paid vacation time
  • Skip the commute with remote work
  • Stock options in a fast-growing startup
  • Amazing health, dental, and vision insurance for you and your family (US only)
  • 3 months of paid parental leave covering both adoption and foster placement
  • Fly to cool locations 3x/year for company-wide meetups
  • Gatsby Sabbatical: 4 weeks paid vacation after 4 years tenure

Equal Opportunity

Gatsby is an equal opportunity employer. We eagerly seek applicants of diverse backgrounds and hire without regard to race, color, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, physical abilities (or disability), age, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. Cultivating inclusivity and diversity is a top priority.

Headhunters and recruitment agencies may not submit resumes/CVs through this website or directly to managers. Gatsby does not accept unsolicited headhunter and agency resumes, and will not pay fees to any third-party agency or company that does not have a signed agreement with Gatsby.

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