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Organic Growth Marketing

Heyo! We’re a growth marketing firm focused on Content & SEO, looking for someone to come aboard and own relationships/growth strategies for a few well-known SaaS companies. Basically: we want to be THE BEST organic partner for fast-growing SaaS companies, and we need your help!

Ideal for someone who wants to truly OWN their own schedule and be autonomous, yet also be a part of a close-knit, supportive team that strongly believes in giving people a healthy balance between life and work. You’ll grow extremely fast and get a very cool experience working with companies you (probably) know.

  • Company = Organic Growth Marketing (OGM), technically an “SEO agency”, but not a typical one. More on us later.
    • We work with fast-growing, world-class companies like Intercom, Hotjar, ProfitWell, Segment (and more) to scale nonpaid user acquisition.
    • Tech-enabled (aka, building our own tools to automate boring stuff)
    • A small tight team of ~10 (including you!)
    • Our website:
  • Job Title = Senior Growth Lead
    • You’ll join our leadership team (currently 3 strong) where you will be client-facing and drive growth strategies for well-known brands. We’re still a relatively early-stage company, so the “leadership” aspect of this role is important – with a lot of upsides to grow in whatever way appeals to you.
  • Job role: You will own client relationships and have internal people/processes at your disposal to support that. This includes owning communications with the client, co-owning deliverables, driving strategy, being the ‘expert’ to answer to, and owning results. We have playbooks and processes; you’ll start off running with those, and then contributing to them.
  • Experience required = You know how to drive (actual, impactful, non-superficial) SEO results, but want to be more than that. Content chops, an experimentation mindset, a nose for revenue, and the skill/desire to learn how to work externally and actually GSD inside a company. Beyond that, confidence and self-motivation matter more than anything.
  • Location = 100% remote = wherever you are, but US timezones preferred. We are not a set-hours or butts-in-seats kind of company whatsoever, but being way ahead or behind everyone else (including clients) would probably not be ideal.
    • The founder is in Europe
    • Two in the East Coast US
    • Most other people are on the West Coast in the US
  • Work culture = A lot of ownership and accountability, mixed with the support of processes and people with whom you’ll work closely. We don’t have a lot of internal meetings, and you’ll have regular (but not redundant) calls with clients. Otherwise, the world is your oyster! Create the schedule that suits you.
  • “Competitive Compensation” (because that’s what everyone says, right?)
    • Comp starting around ~$90K with serious upward potential (in terms of comp and role)
      • Base, profit sharing, and bonuses – you’ll have skin in the game!
    • $250 monthly remote working stipend
    • $1K Home office budget
    • Generous vacation policy, including mandated 2+ week vacation (meaning, you have to take 2 weeks off in a row)
    • When we’re not in a global pandemic, we hold in-person company “offsites” twice a year from somewhere cool in the world. Past ones include Barcelona and Montreal.
    • Dope swag that will make your friends jealous

Many job descriptions are quick and generic, leaving you with lots of questions. This is meant to be a comprehensive look at the role, who it’s a good fit for, and how we operate as a company. With that disclaimer, you officially can’t get mad that it’s long!

Check it all out, or jump to the part you’re most interested in below.

About the Team

Here’s how the team is structured – and where you’ll fit.

Senior Growth Leads (this job) focuses on owning the complete success of a few clients each, including running the strategy, working with them to get stuff done, and managing all the work that goes into it. You will be the third Growth Lead on our team. The current Growth Leads are two of the smartest, most empathetic people you will ever meet, who will help you get up to speed and provide an excellent sounding board for ideas or questions.

Manager level is the workhorse function that supports the Senior Growth members. Three super talented people with different backgrounds and specializations. They are hungry to learn from you, while also bringing their own unique skills and experiences. Not just saying it: they are a joy to work with.

Product and analytics is our one-person R&D department, helping us build and scale for the future. You’ll be a “customer”, with the ability to contribute as much as you want.

Chief of Staff is like a mix of PM, Ops, Admin, and the kitchen sink — **********a one-person shop that makes everything work. The solver of problems and enabler of things.

CEO (Nigel) manages a couple of clients, runs “sales”, and helps drive our direction as a unit. You’ll work directly with him.

Beyond roles and what we do at OGM . . . everyone has their own interests, quirks, and areas where they are super knowledgable – completely outside the purview of marketing. It’s the kind of place where you can be yourself and not have to put on a “work face”.

What’s important to us

  • Having a life
    • You’ll see the words “ownership” and “accountability” here a lot, but we also extend that to taking care of yourself. Burnout is ultimately not in anyone’s self-interests. This is reflected in the vacation policy (pretty generous), workday (choose your own), and an internal set of checks and balances to make sure that everyone has a reasonable workload — and can communicate if that ever gets out of whack.
  • Growing first as people, and (the byproduct) as a company
    • Doing the same thing every day gets boring for most people.
    • Companies that keep doing the same thing become obsolete
    • Therefore, it’s in everyone’s best interests to keep work fresh, while making sure our processes and mindset evolve with the times.
  • Aligned incentives
    • Everyone’s compensation is tied to company performance, so you have skin in the game
    • We try to align the company incentives to clients, so we are working towards big long-term goals

What it’s like to work here

Kelsey has been at OGM since 2018. She started before we even had really defined roles, and has since become a shining example of the Senior Growth Lead, in addition to anchoring our Offsite & Digital PR Program.

Here’s a quick, candid message from Kelsey on what it’s been like to work at OGM:

(Also, check out the cool hat in the background!)

About the Role

The basics —> what the job consists of, and who we’re looking for.


You’ll be doing stuff like:

  • Working with clients to develop quarterly organic growth strategies that a) Roll up into product marketing & business objectives, and; b) Identify and exploit of SEO opportunities
  • Owning the execution of those strategies, and managing project management boards to ensure we’re not another outside entity with cool ideas that don’t actually do anything.
  • Being accountable for conversion performance, and owning new initiatives to drive more revenue from content we help create.
  • Developing shared systems with clients so that everything we do is part of a process
  • Answering ad-hoc questions and diagnosing any issues
  • Driving internal **innovation by taking your growth learnings from client work and helping to apply them team-wide
  • Owning comprehensive monthly reporting (with the help of Managers and internal tools/processes)
  • Forming content strategies to dominate all stages of a funnel.
  • Monitoring and maintaining technical SEO health for your clients

Who we’re looking for (skills)

  • SEO Pro
    • At the end of the day, our main growth driver is SEO. This role is for people who already consider themselves pretty damn good at driving revenue growth via organic search. We define actual SEO as way more than the usual “export a Moz report and tell someone to change a bunch of meta descriptions” BS.
  • High EQ people manager
    • Most work fails not because people don’t know how to do it, but because they don’t know how to effectively work with others. This is even moreso for outside entities like us. We put a huge focus on making sure we truly solve problems for clients, which requires an ability to get in their head, identify what they really need, and then establish strong workflows.
  • Strong writer and storyteller
    • This doesn’t mean you’ve won multiple Pulitzer prizes; rather, writing coherently just comes naturally to you and you can learn a story framework and then apply it in different situations. At the end of the day, marketing is storytelling.
  • Know your way around Excel/Google Sheets
    • Is there any job description involving a computer that doesn’t say “Excel?” So redundant. More important than your current skills, you should have the capacity to think in spreadsheets and learn specifics.
  • Analytics-minded
    • Practically speaking, it means experience in Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and any other analytics platforms
    • More importantly, you have to be genuinely interested in quantifying everything, learning to think in numbers and be open to picking up new tools
  • Process-oriented
    • We are big on building processes. You’ll have a bunch of processes and onboarding materials that will guide you to do your job, and then be in a position to contribute to those very processes yourself.
    • Half the battle is mindset, but for this senior role, you should be able to speak to examples of programs you’ve launched and processes you’ve implemented on a team or with contractors.

Is this a good fit for me?

Obviously, we’re biased, but here is our honest (as can be) assessment of the pros/cons of working with OGM — in this role.

Benefits to you and your career

  • Work with very cool companies
    • It’s hard to learn and get valuable experience without working with companies that do big things, and that lots of people know. ****We work exclusively with high-growth startups (translation: flashy logos!) and you will get very strong professional narratives about the growth you’ll drive with them.
  • Supercharge your career growth and grow into a big role
    • Combining the noteworthy companies we work with, hands-on responsibility you’ll have from Day 1, and business success you’ll be able to attribute to your work….you will grow fast.
    • You could end up running an internal function, launching a business unit, and having a great story to tell about how you take companies valued at $1B+ to the next level
    • We also have a very entrepreneurial spirit: many people are doing their own “side hustles” – something we do NOT discourage.
  • See the immediate and long term impact of your work
    • Marketing is often this abstract exercise in doing something to please a stakeholder. With the work we do, you’ll see immediate results, be able to quantify them, and see how they impact the bottom line.
    • We’ve worked with some clients for 2+ years and have witnessed the transformational impact of their organic growth programs on the company’s overall success. It’s pretty cool.

Why you may NOT want to take this role

A good match for any role requires a great fit between team members and the company. There are amazing people who aren’t in the right time/space in their careers to thrive and appreciate every role. . . and that’s totally ok! Just trying to keep it real here.

It might not be a good fit for you, IF:

  • You want to be told exactly what to do
    • You’ll definitely get strong direction and a lot of examples/processes . . . but ultimately, the right person for this role will add something unique and help us improve the way we do things. You’ll have a lot of ownership and accountability, so if you’re looking for more of a straightforward execution role, this is not it.
  • You want to stay in your comfort zone
    • You’ll have the opportunity to solve new problems and help us evolve the way we think about working with fast-growing companies. We all solve new problems on a regular basis, which is exciting to some – but not what everyone is looking for.
  • You really want an office and are apprehensive of remote work
    • We’re fully distributed, so we just can’t help here. Totally reasonable thing to want, though! Having said that, we do
  • You want a work environment where people don’t share how they feel
    • One staple of OGM is that every week, people give presentations on something non-work-related. Multiple people have presented on the benefits of veganism. Someone else presented on the benefits of eating meat. We’re all still friends (last I checked . . .).
    • We have very clear guidelines around being respectful in the discourse, so this doesn’t mean it’s the wild west. ****But part of our environment is that people can be themselves and share who they are within the bounds of respect and inclusion.

Examples of backgrounds/experiences that may be a great fit

This is NOT some definitive list; more so, to show examples that different types of people could kill it in this role. For example:

  • You have lead SEO/organic growth at a startup(s) and want to get more diverse experience working with different companies.
  • You’ve driven Growth (broadly) at a startup and have worked closely with SEO. You’d have a lot to learn, but this could work for the right person.
  • You’re a senior content strategist who knows their way around SEO, but wants to add more hardcore SEO to a strong content foundation.
  • You’re a marketing generalist who has lead SEO, but you want to double down on that aspect of growth.
    • We find this valuable because we always want to add different perspectives/types of expertise to our team.
  • You have agency experience with Content/SEO and want to be a part of building something.
    • If you’ve worked at an agency and always wanted to own more of the direction . . . this is the opportunity for you (assuming we are aligned).

If you don’t fit any of these descriptions, but you still think you’re qualified, holla at us.

About OGM

Read on if you want more details on how we operate – and think about the work we do.

An “agency” that hates the word “agency”

Technically, we’re an “SEO agency”. But we are on a mission to do things differently and redefine this much-maligned business model.

Here are a few common stereotypes of marketing agencies, and how we try to be different:

  • Sending clients spreadsheets and then saying “good luck”
    • We make a point to own results, not deliverables. We also make a point to work with clients on getting projects launched, vs abstract strategy docs that don’t actually make things happen.
  • Scale quickly by hiring sales over expertise
    • To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with sales. We just aren’t growing that way (for now). We only have hardcore practitioners and have no “fluff” on the team (CEO is the defacto Head of Sales). As a result, we’re a stable, profitable, growing company.
  • Doing a half-ass job and only caring about closing a contract
    • Our long-term clients keep working with us because we deliver results and make it a point of pride to continue owning our joint success. All of our clients come from referrals, so we are HIGHLY motivated to keep delivering great results.

How we think about Marketing, SEO, & Organic

If you’ve made it this far, you truly have an exceptional attention span for 2021. Congrats on that! Anyway, we want to share a bit about the actual work we do, and our philosophy.

  • SEO is not only a bunch of technical jargon
    • In 2021, SEO is a reflection of your brand, your content, your website, and the way others talk about it. When people tell you SEO is mostly meta descriptions, you can safely assume they don’t know what they’re talking about!
  • Great marketing is holistic
    • It doesn’t happen in arbitrary organizational bubbles (e.g. we have our Paid Team, SEO team, Email team)
    • It all works together, and we are constantly striving to master the intersection of all marketing disciplines.
  • Understand what users want
    • Effective inbound marketing is a combination of a) understanding what regular humans are looking for, and; b) tying your brand into that. Not the other way around, where you force awkward brand propaganda down people’s throats.

For more, see this 20-minute presentation by Nigel of OGM on the 6 Myths of SEO:

Building software and tools to automate our workflows

We believe that a lot of the normal work that goes into SEO and Content can be aided by better use of data and tools. So we’re building tools! You’ll be able to contribute to – and benefit from – these efforts.

If you have an interest in building products, processes, and automation, you’ll get hands-on experience here.

Focused on the nuances of communication and process

We’re a remote company. This forces us to be mindful about all the small things around how we communicate — with each other (internally), and clients (externally).

We try to constantly evolve our communication policy so that we a) don’t waste people’s time, and; b) minimize misunderstandings that arise from not communicating effectively.

Location: US Locations Only

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