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Senior Executive Assistant

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Who We Are

Hammerhead sits at the intersection of technology and athletics and we began by identifying a contradiction in cycling tech: its digital technology is decades behind its material technology. The bikes used at the highest end of the sport are at the absolute pinnacle of material science, while cycling computers, on the other hand, are generationally behind other consumer technologies. In the Karoo 2 we are building software and hardware that is cutting edge and original, rather than derivative, bringing the digital revolution to the bike, and completely altering the in ride experience. Our mission is to unlock people’s athletic potential. We are driven by a belief that athletics broadly, and cycling in particular, have profound power to improve both individuals and society.

To date, Hammerhead has raised over $12M from top institutional investors including Primary Venture Partners, KB Partners, NEXT Ventures, Maveron and Courtside Ventures.


Hammerhead is looking for an experienced and exceptional Executive Assistant who is eager to be an integral contributor to the success of our hardworking and dedicated executive team. Obsessively organized and exceedingly agile, you will ensure our executives are always at the top of their game in a demanding, ever-changing start-up environment. We are looking for someone who will develop a deep understanding of our executives’ work and work styles, anticipating their needs and removing blockers. As someone who is very team-oriented, you see your success as directly tied to our teams, and know the opposite to also be true. Overall, you are conscientious, dependable and a pleasure to work with. This role will be part of our Operations team, reporting to the Head of People.

What You’ll Do

Calendar & Time Management

  • Own calendaring for our CEO and COO, acting as gatekeeper to their schedules and ensuring their time is allocated efficiently and in alignment with their priorities

Administrative Support

  • Execute on crucial administrative task with a high level of polish and detail orientation, including managing task lists, conducting research, creating reports, drafting documents, and preparing for meetings
  • Facilitate fundraising in this critical growth phase by researching and maintaining investor lists, coordinating and preparing for potential investor meetings, managing vendors, and processing paperwork
  • Schedule board meetings, compiling necessary resources and documentation for executives and board members

Remote Office Management

  • Provisioning systems access and other resources for new hires and current staff
  • Coordinate and manage team events (currently virtual) for fully distributed and international team
  • Manage travel arrangement for executives and leadership (post-CoViD)
  • Support the Operations team with additional project and tasks

What You’ll Need

  • Exceptional detail orientation, and skills to execute accordingly
  • Dedication, a strong work ethic, and an intrinsic drive for excellence
  • Exceptional capacity to build relationships with stakeholders and outside partners
  • Curiosity to learn, and a propensity toward creative problem solving
  • Flexibility to work on a globally distributed team
  • Enthusiasm for administrative work and providing exceptional support
  • 8+ years of experience as an Executive Assistant
  • 5+ years working in a high growth technology startup environment
  • 2+ years working on a collaborative remote team
  • Proficiency in our highly integrated tech stack, including GSuite, Slack, Asana, etc.

Working at Hammerhead:

On a mission to win

We are here to build the best product in our category, and have assembled a team of highly disciplined individuals dedicated to mastering our craft. We will only build products that we believe will be the best in their class, and are fully focused on making Karoo 2 the world’s best cycling computer. We are not interested in spreading ourselves thin to produce a wide range of products that won’t push the boundaries of their categories.

Playing as a team

We have a strong culture of athletics, with many members of the team being passionate cyclists. This provides a basis for excellence, as we seek to foster in our work environment, that same dedication, precision and camaraderie of an elite sport team. We all play our part with excellence, and are willing to step outside of our role when necessary to block and tackle for each other, in the knowledge that everyone else is bringing the same dedication to the mission.

Taking ownership

We believe that taking ownership, and focusing on the problems and solutions that we can control, regardless of how small they might be, is the most effective way to operate as individuals and as a team. We do not make excuses, and we take ownership at all levels, because taking ownership leads to clear steps for action and creates a great work environment of humility. We provide honest, clear, feedback from another, even when it might be easier not to do so.


Building a team of excellence, allows us to provide maximum freedom in the structure of our work. We have created systems for remote work since our company’s inception, offer flexible work hours, and limitless time off. We celebrate excellence at work, and in play, recognizing each team member’s contribution, and financially supporting personal athletic goals. Interpersonal relationships are key to success and we provide formal and informal company gatherings and retreats throughout the year in beautiful locations.

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