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Now Hiring: Personal Assistant To Company Operations

We are looking for a highly driven self-learner to join our growing natural health company: nothing short of an A-player who thrives on success and feeds on progress.

I have created an intro video about us and this position. Please watch it first before reading on:

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As you’ve just learned in the video above, this is a unique opportunity to get on board with a team of very successful high performers in a booming boutique digital advertising agency.

What You’ll Be Doing:

You will work alongside the company executives to aid in their daily tasks. Experience in assisting is a plus. Specifically, you will be responsible for:

  • Taking over administrative tasks such as:
    • Screening emails and voicemails
    • Returning calls
    • Scheduling
    • Booking travel and accomodations
    • Raw materials and product freight arrangements
    • Assisting with screening new hires and preparing application packages for review
    • Preparations of various documents and forms
  • Serving as the operations manager’s right hand:
    • As you get integrated in the company’s day to day, you will be given more responsibilities to handle higher level functions.
    • In short, aside from a few daily repetitive tasks, you will be given various administrative duties and projects as needed to assist with the daily flow of the business.
    • In this position, you will learn a lot about operations and productivity. You will be given the high responsibility of representing our company and the management team.

A Little Bit More About Us…

The Boston-based company was founded in 2009 and has experienced hyper-growth year over year. We currently send millions of visitors each month to our various brand websites that sell information products and dietary supplements that change lives and dramatically improve people’s health.

Please be sure to check out our raving customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau (

As part of operations, I oversee the departments of Customer Support, Product Fulfillment, Accounting, Supply Chain, Research & Development, Marketing & Advertising, IT and Human Resource. While I do have managers and assistants at different roles, there is no part of the business that I am not involved with.

If you enjoy learning, project variety and the bustle and hustle that comes with business growth and success, this will be a very challenging and rewarding position.

Now, I have not worked with an assistant before and will need time to start delegating. For this reason, we are opening the position as part-time, a couple of hours a day at first, with the aim to transition to full-time as quickly as possible. The faster you get integrated and take on task and responsibilities, the faster we will be adding more hours. I work on a 9-5 EST scheduled and would need someone to match that. The position is remote and no travel is required. Also, not required is answering live calls. Although I would for you to work exclusively with me, to get integrated faster and add more hours quicker, you will also have the opportunity to assist the company CEO directly with many overlapping tasks.

Think you may be a right fit for the position? Then let us know by filling out the form below:

Thank you for your interest in the position. We look forward to hearing from you.


Violet Stoyneva

Operations Manager

Fisico Inc.

6 Lyberty Way, Suite 103

Westford, MA 01886