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As a Freelance Legal Expert on JustAnswer, you can work anywhere, anytime answering legal questions from your computer or smartphone. Help people with their questions that you choose in any field of law (information only, no attorney-client privilege). No signup fees, no limit on cash earnings. Join the largest community of paid Experts online, who have answered over 16 million questions for people around the world since 2003.

Fully Remote Work!

We are looking for experienced Freelance Canadian Barristers or Solicitors who thrive in a self managed environment.

Fields of specialties and sub-specialties: Employment Law, Immigration Law, Consumer Protection Law, Real Estate Law & Landlord-Tenant Law, General Law, Foreign Law (Australia, Canada, European, German)

Required Qualifications

  • 4 years experience practicing law
  • An active US or Foreign Attorney license in good standing/active standing with Law Society or Bar Assoc.

How to start the application process

Apply directly here by copying & pasting our application link, SHfO. Select “Law” as the Specialty once on the application page.

You can also apply through this posting and our Acquisition specialist will get back to you.

Why JustAnswer?

Set your own hours

  • Easy to use online Q&A tools
  • Top Experts are earning $100,000 per year being paid per question answered No Sign-up fees

What type of questions do Experts answer?

  • How can I find a pro-bono lawyer?
  • I keep getting harassing calls from a collection agency. How do I get them to stop? How do I transfer my condo to my son, daughter, or spouse?
  • What are my rights in my divorce? My wife wants sole custody of the kids…

Additional Questions

  • Experts on JustAnswer provide information, not advice, to customers. You’ll be answering their questions in your respective field.
  • You can answer questions online, from your desktop or mobile phone with the JustAnswer app.
  • Experts on JustAnswer can answer questions whenever, wherever they would like. There’s no commitment required for hours or times of day that you’re available to answer questions. You make your own schedule.
  • All Experts are required to pass an identification and professional background check provided by JustAnswer.

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