Title: Passionate iOS Developer with Personality for Full-Time Telecommute Position

Location: TELECOMMUTE Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


Core-Apps is looking for a talented, passionate iOS developer who has a knack for well-thought out code, strives for perfecting a great user experience, and enjoys being part of a diverse team that both designs software and plays the occasional online game together. You will be working with the other members of our platform team to maintain our existing apps, work continuously to add in new features and track down pesky bugs, and grow and thrive in a high-energy team environment. The nature of our business means that we have hundreds of apps in stores at any given time, so youd be working on all stages of the development cyclefrom writing new features, code reviewing other developers work, to submitting new apps and app updates.

Our current iOS codebase is nearly 100% Objective-C with portions that date back to the original iOS SDK, maintained and updated over the years. We are looking for a developer who has strong Objective-C experience, although having Swift experience is a positive as we would like to over time begin writing new features in Swift. Android experience is also a plus since we develop both platforms in tandem and often need to refer to code to match parity.

This is a full-time, salaried position with benefits. We are NOT looking for contractors or development firms, and are not looking to work through a recruiter. Solicitations will not be tolerated.


Were looking for someone who:

  • Is able to work independently from home (or wherever!) without a micromanaging boss. The dress code is decidedly casual, but you must be a self-starter, able to dig into a problem, but not afraid to ask for help when stuck.
  • Has a great personality. For example, can you name all the Dr. Who actors? Can you generate a meme faster than a witty comeback? Are you passionate about beer, gaming, philosophy, or foreign languages? We are interested in people who are ardent on topics we never knew existed.
  • Can integrate into and communicate with a team of mobile developers, server developers, project and operations managers, and sales and accounts folks.
  • Can communicate solely via Slack, Skype/Zoom, and email to hit the ground running.
  • Can communicate effectively with non-technical Core-apps team members.

The ideal candidate should:

  • Be well versed in Objective-C, ARC vs non-ARC, Sqlite, and JSON REST APIs. Don’t have much experience with one of those this? Convince us that you’re up for a challenge!
  • Have a solid knowledge of current technologies, standard technologies, and the ability to discern why or why not a new trend is likely to be good or bad to adopt.
  • Have submitted something to the App Store, or be able to send us some links to repositories of some relevant open-source work.
  • Have the hardware and software to do his/her job (a Mac is required), a fast and stable internet connection, and a place where he/she can work uninterrupted.
  • Be located in the United States. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept applicants who are located outside of the United States.


  • Health insurance
  • 401k
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Work from home