Jewish Voice for Peace

Human Resources Manager

Berkeley, CA or Brooklyn, NY preferred, or remote

Over the past decade, JVP staff–and our HR needs–have grown significantly in size and complexity. We have a rockstar team of diverse, talented, committed, fun, emotionally intelligent, and high-performing leaders who are working to achieve justice, equality, and dignity for all people of Israel/Palestine. Our workplace is both online and off–with major offices in Berkeley and Brooklyn, satellite offices in Seattle, DC, Philadelphia, and Chicago, and a virtual office spanning the whole country.

We are committed to supporting our staff as people, workers and movement leaders. We think building support for a healthy workplace and thriving staff is part of living out our core values, and that HR policies and practices are an essential place to do that.

The Human Resources Manager is the first full-time HR position in JVP’s history, and will build on a great foundation laid by our operations and senior teams around personnel policy, workplace culture, and support for our talented staff. This is a unique opportunity to strengthen, shape and create HR practices in an organization committed to investing in our staff and fully reflecting our values inside and out.
The ideal candidate for this position will be an experienced HR professional rooted in racial and economic justice values. They will be excited to research innovative approaches and make recommendations on how to balance compliance with values, set up strong systems and processes that endure through growth, and serve as an integral part of JVP’s senior staff providing leadership to the organization as a whole.

The HR Manager will be responsible for shaping the vision for, and experience of, JVP’s geographically dispersed workplace, as well as the sustainability and wellness of our individual staff members.

Job Experience Requirements:

  • 5-8 years of relevant experience and progressive leadership in Human Resources positions
  • Experience in administration of HR programs including benefits and compensation programs.
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations related to HR.
  • Demonstrated ability to integrate a racial, economic and gender equity lens to human resource systems and practices.

Preferred Qualities:

  • 3-5 years experience supervising staff.
  • Experience providing HR support to multi-site or virtual office organizations.
  • Experience supporting busy, capacity-stretched staff.
  • Experience supporting economically and racially diverse employees.
  • Systems-thinking skills that support the ability to design and implement policies and practices in a complex environment.
  • An orientation to relationships, collaboration, and building the capacity and leadership of colleagues.
  • Ability to discern and solicit outside expertise when needed.
  • Outstanding judgement, sensitivity and high level of discretion.
  • Committed to justice, equality and human rights for all people of Israel/Palestine.
  • Brings an intersectional analysis that includes, but is not limited to, gender, economic and racial justice.

Essential Job Functions
Staff Wellness & Support: Holding space for and supporting individual staff is a critical part of this role. This position will:

  • Act as trusted resource for leaders and employees on a wide variety of HR topics including career development, benefits, time off and others.
  • Receive complaints of harassment and discrimination and lead investigation processes. Outside of official harassment and discrimination processes, serve as the first responder for staff who are encountering behaviors or situations that obstruct them from doing their work at their highest capacity.
  • Maintain office hours for staff to raise complaints, concerns or offer feedback, and to be supported in exploring their professional challenges as it pertains to workload, work performance, professionalizing process, and orienting to JVP culture and workplace.

Recruitment/Hiring/Onboarding/Offboarding: Working with hiring managers and teams, this position will hold the overall container for bringing in talented, values-aligned staff:

  • Oversee, evaluate, and innovate JVP’s approach to talent management–including recruitment, hiring and advancement. Collaborate with operations staff and hiring managers to ensure that positions are filled in a timely manner with the most talented and values aligned candidates. Apply racial, class and gender equity best practices.
  • Support operations and departmental staff in implementing a consistent and thorough approach to onboarding, orientation and training for new staff.
  • Oversee all aspects of separations including conducting and analyzing exit interviews for departing staff. Working with supervisors and staff to ensure proper termination for all exiting employees, and ensuring processes are in compliance with applicable laws.

Performance Management & Leadership Development: In close partnership with senior staff, this position will:

  • Oversee, evaluate, and strengthen performance management and supervision systems and standards, including an every-three-years comprehensive 360 evaluation of staff.
  • Provide feedback and evaluation support for organizational leadership to assess their own effectiveness and achievement of goals.
  • Manage the calendar and process for supervisors to lead annual workplanning and performance evaluation, including participating in the annual staff retreat planning as a key part of this cycle.
  • Support and advise supervisors in formal disciplinary as well as performance improvement processes for staff who are struggling and/or failing to meet performance standards.
  • Oversee the process and calendar for reviewing and decision-making around staff compensation, advancement and leadership development.
  • Oversee professional development budget and program.

Policies & Compliance: In close partnership and under the direction of the Director of Operations, this position will:

  • Manage the continued implementation and use of existing HR technology and assess and implement new technology as needed.
  • Review, research, recommend, and implement innovative, employee-friendly personnel policies, benefits and internal workplace practices that are cost effective, reflect JVP’s values, and enable our staff to balance professional demands alongside personal and family commitments.
  • Assist in compliance efforts as pertains to relevant laws including but not limited to the Fair Labor Standards Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Equal Opportunities Act.
  • Oversee personnel record keeping and HR information systems — Maintain staff electronic files including creating and filing employee action forms at appropriate times, reviewing and preparing files for yearly audit.
  • Ensure that independent contractors sign contracts and submit w-9s.
  • Advise the leadership team on strategic goals and initiatives from an HR perspective.

Benefits & Compensation Administration: This position will work closely with the rest of the operations team to implement benefits and compensation policy and procedure, including:

  • Ensure smooth processes and compliance related to payroll, wage and hour laws, and benefits administration.
  • Onboarding, oversight, review, renewal, and offboarding of all benefits offered by JVP (medical, dental, flex spending, transportation, leaves, etc.).
  • Assist in the annual review, preparation and administration of compensation benchmarking and the setting of salary tiers.

Other Duties: All JVP staff participate in 1-2 hours a week of general staff tasks, including grassroots fundraising. Infrequent travel is required for this position.

This is an exempt, salaried full time position. The salary range, dependent on experience, between 60-70k with a robust benefits package.

All locations welcome! Berkeley or Brooklyn preferred. (see details below)

People of color, Sephardi or Mizrahi applicants, transgender or gender non-conforming applicants, women, queer applicants, and applicants with disabilities strongly encouraged to apply.

Jewish Voice for Peace opposes anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, and anti-Arab bigotry and oppression. JVP does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, ethnicity, religion, national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, marital status, disability, or status as a U.S. veteran.


Location and Office Environment:
JVP is committed to providing flexible work arrangements that suit the needs of our staff. Our staff in all locations have the option to work from home. We have two main offices, in Berkeley, California and Brooklyn, New York that have an open office format with options for private working spaces. We also have several satellite offices and a number of staff who work remotely – from home or from coworking spaces, or a combination of both.

Main Offices:

  • Berkeley
  • Brooklyn

Satellite Offices

  • DC
  • Chicago
  • Philadelphia
  • Seattle

Current remote locations (all locations welcome):

  • Boston
  • Detroit
  • New Orleans

Workplace Principles:
JVP has developed core principles of sustainability and equity to guide our approach to workplace policies.

JVP defines sustainability as honoring the people who work at JVP as whole people doing work for the long haul, and creating the conditions that will enable JVP staff to do the work in a way that is both healthy and encourages work/life balance.

JVP defines equity as developing policies and practices that apply to everyone, while holding simultaneously the differing levels of accountability, independence and responsibility depending on role in the organization; while also recognizing, responding to and honoring the different contexts, realities and circumstances that each staff member brings and lives within.

These principles apply both to the conditions of the workplace – hours, regular salary reviews and raises, vacation days, flexibility to work from home, etc. – and the practices of our work – how many hours of the day staff are in meetings, taking time to have retreats, and striving for a culture of support and communication.

Addressing sustainability and equity as staff at JVP is a long-term, ever evolving project. JVP is committed to continuing to think together how to keep improving our conditions and practices, always in the context of the urgency of our mission.

Time Off:
JVP full-time staff are eligible for up to twenty days of vacation time per year. Staff are eligible to accrue up to twelve sick paid days per year.