Director of Talent Acquisition at Alpine Home Air Products

Alpine Home Air Products

Director of Talent Acquisition – Remote or Chicago Office

  • Chicago, Illinois, United States or Remote
  • Remote
  • Full time

This is a permanent work-from-home or in-office position, your choice, even after COVID19 is resolved.

  • Like to work-from-home? Great, you can!
  • Prefer to work at the office with other teammates? Great, you can!
  • Want to mix it up and sometimes work-from-home and sometimes work at the office? Great, you can!


The magnitude of positive affect that a successful Director of Talent Acquisition can have on a developing organization such as ours can be enormous. For you, possibly being this new director, the impact of your decision in selecting the company at which you’ll spend your time and deploy your talents can be enormous as well. Considering this we thought you might appreciate hearing some of our thoughts about this unique role upfront with the hope that it conveys a glimpse into our goals and values, for your comparison with your own.

Talent acquisition leaders have shaped vast aspects of the world around us. Consider this: What if in Amazon’s first year of business it had hired a different Director of Talent Acquisition than the one that it had? Might the company have floundered and failed within a few years due to cascading sets of bad decisions made by insufficiently qualified managers, ending the start up’s dreams in vaporized obscurity? No Amazon Prime? Fortunately this dark future was averted thanks to perhaps just one talented person.

The products and services you use every day with joy – perhaps your phone, a food delivery service or that chair you love to sit in – and the companies that you admire, come from organizations with a disproportionate number of people who are above average in performance in their specific roles compared to most other businesses. Business that create strong value for its customers, employees and ownership thrive or fail based on it’s people, and it’s not possible for a company to wow its customers with amazing products and services if it employs only average talent. This is an inescapable feature of a free market.

Of course, every human, regardless of their gifts or challenges, deserves equal treatment, consideration and respect, whether in some facet they are above average or below average. And because every person has their own unique abilities and talents, some of the most valuable of which are appreciated outside of a business context, to say that any person is a more talented individual overall than another is inaccurate and unkind.

But when assessing someone for a specific skill to be used within a specific work environment, to the best of our ability we must judge them and rank them for how snugly they fit this position, how talented they are in this domain, compared to others, and develop lists of people, with the least talented at the bottom and the most talented at the top.

And to the extent that a company wishes to be successful, to delight its customers and team members, it must self develop the ability to consistently identify, attract and retain top talent, clearly. It must have the tools and tactics to do this, which are themselves brought forth and operated by talented people, who themselves must be found and invited by other talented employees, who in turn are hired by yet someone else at the company, that person presumably talented enough to start this virtuous chain reaction.

Success begets success and talent begets talent, and if the history of any successful company were examined, we would find early in it’s origin just a few, or perhaps just one person with above average skills in attracting, assessing and hiring talent, that person the forebearer of all the future talent to arrive thereafter. Maybe it was one of the founders, or the first Director of Recruitment.

Although the future of a business rests precariously on It’s ability to hire top talent, we acknowledge it’s difficult to execute. For one, humans are complex, and humans assessing humans is complexity multiplied, and pretending mastery of this is hubris. Recruiters and hiring managers make mistakes, they pick the wrong people, they overlook great people. Multiple top talent apply for a role, but a company may only need one and worthy individuals get rejection letters.

And of course, the dynamic between a career applicant and any company one’s considering joining is an equally weighted and bidirectional examination. Companies must be skilled in many ways to be attractive and to interest talent. Individuals considering new career opportunities put forth considerable time and effort in assessing and scrutinizing places they might want to work at, and rightfully so. Talented people have many options, and finding a place that recognizes their unique abilities and provides an environment where they can thrive, and be appropriately rewarded and encouraged to be the best version of themselves is a job in itself. Of course, you know all of this.

The stakes are high and so is the challenge for both parties. And yet when it’s done right, and the right people are matched with the right work opportunity, amazing things happen.

Considering this, we are excited to bring on a Director of Talent Acquisition to oversee our small recruiting team, and grow and guide it with the fortitude and clear eye to identify and procure more talent to our organization. The director will be the seed that grows the tree of results which those future talented yet-to-be hired team members will create, the products and services they will build and deliver, which because they are talented we are confident will bring delight to all of those future customers, and initiate the fulfilling experiences and rewards for those future team members in turn.

Since you are presumably talented (and sought after), we invite you to consider joining our team. Our 18-year-old “start up” is in the fortuitous position of having great team members, we enjoy a positive, optimistic and results oriented culture, we have happy customers and huge sales growth. There is tremendous opportunity at hand, and a very bright future in front of us, for all of us.

With our best efforts we can offer you the chance to make game-changing contributions, challenging work that plays to your strengths, great compensation and benefits, personal growth and hopefully friendship and fun.

If you’re an experienced talent acquisition leader, and would like to be a part of a vibrant and growing e-commerce company that is passionately committed to mutually beneficial success by way of uniquely talented team members, we would love to hear from you. Please apply now!


  • Successful track record as a talent acquisition leader
  • Willing to read books, further education
  • Positive, optimistic and results-oriented


  • Group Healthcare, Health Savings Account
  • 401k retirement plan
  • Paid vacation and paid holidays
  • Commuter benefits
  • Challenging and fulfilling work in a positive, optimistic results-oriented work environment
  • Competitive wages and a monthly gain-sharing bonus based on revenue growth
  • Paid educational and professional development training
  • Work-from-home (remote) or in-office position, your choice, even after COVID19 is resolved
  • Attractive and comfortable loft office with large windows and lots of natural light
  • Office: Coffee and snacks for energy, open beer tap in afternoons, nap rooms to revitalize

About Us

We are future-minded innovators working to provide intelligent heating and cooling solutions to everyday homeowners in a way that’s so easy it’s almost fun. Started in 2002, we are the first ecommerce company to sell HVAC equipment to homeowners online and by phone. We sell and ship HVAC equipment directly to homeowners in the US, and have served hundreds of thousands of happy customers. We are quickly growing, and are hiring new team members to keep up with the exciting growth.

Our objective is to create great experiences for our customers, vendors and employees. At Alpine, everyone wins. Our employees love our positive and supportive culture, beautiful sunny office, great benefits and friendly team. We help our employees develop their careers and do the work that best suits their talents and interests.

We are innovative! Check out a list of industry first pioneered here at Alpine:

  • 2002 – first ever ecommerce HVAC store
  • 2003 – first HVAC online shopping configurator
  • 2004 – first national HVAC referral network of installing contractors
  • 2005 – first of its kind automated performance based pay system for phone sales
  • 2011 – first and only online HVAC operating cost calculator
  • 2013 – first and only HVAC photo-to-quote app
  • 2014 – filed patent for better way to assist customers with sales & service needs
  • 2015 – first eCommerce bundling of local services + products:

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