Digital Storytelling and Engagement Coordinator at LatinxEd


Digital Storytelling and Engagement Coordinator

  • Temporary


Nuestro South is a collaborative public history and engagement project administered by LatinxEd, a non-profit organization expanding educational opportunities for and fostering the leadership of motivated Latinx students interested in building community, learning about their history and culture, and developing their leadership skills.

Working in collaboration with historian Julie Weise and creative director Erik Valera, Nuestro South engages Southern Latinx youth in beginning to generate a shared narrative of Southern Latinx identity based on the discovery of our historical forebears and in defiance of the negative stereotypes generated by others. The challenges that historical Latinx immigrants faced in the U.S. South were not unlike our own, whatever our families’ countries of origin: navigating our relationships with Black and white neighbors; maintaining our identities in places where our numbers and institutions are few; struggling for education and labor rights; and envisioning a future in a place where our histories have been invisible.

Our first product was a podcast series and more recently, we launched a social media series, “Nuestro South at the Polls.” We are now planning to launch our second season which includes both video and audio content in early 2021.

In coordination with our second season and thanks to a special grant from the North Carolina Humanities Council, we are now hiring a Digital Storytelling and Engagement Coordinator who will…

  • Work with a core team to develop an overall social media and digital storytelling strategy that expands beyond our current urban North Carolina audience to other areas in the U.S. South
  • As part of onboarding, read academic work on Southern Latinx history and become familiar with Nuestro South products
  • Generate daily new social media posts based on our content and Southern Latinx History
  • Engage Latinx youth social media influencers and storytellers in Southern Latinx history content (especially in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Georgia)
  • Produce monthly virtual events/watch parties to engage new audiences in our content
  • Work with a core team to organize virtual panels for college professors who have assigned our content to their students
  • Engage Latinx youth social media influencers and storytellers in Southern Latinx history content
  • Report back to team leads regarding feedback on podcasts so that this can influence future content creation


Ideally, the candidate has…

  • A strong track record of producing engaging social media content for a Latinx youth audience
  • Past experiences working in a consultant role for businesses or non-profit organizations seeking to expand their reach in Latinx communities
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, organization, and analytical skills,
  • An ability to easily express critical thinking, sound judgment, and creativity
  • A passion to help Latinx youth establish a new narrative of belonging in the U.S. South
  • Basic knowledge of Spanish and Spanglish (fluency not required, heritage speakers welcome)
  • Previous educational coursework or work experience in Latinx Studies and/or history preferred, but not required.
  • Existing social media and experience connections in the U.S. South preferred, but not required.

While this is a virtual position, candidates would ideally be located in and/or familiar with the U.S. South, particularly Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, and/or New Orleans.

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