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Customer Service Pro – Remote, Work-From-Home

We’re looking for a tech-savvy people person to join our superpowered squad of customer service pros. Our product serves an amazing community of business owners, bloggers, and social media professionals, and you’ll be on the front lines for answering their questions and keeping them happy as heck.

Edgar launched in Summer 2014, and we already have thousands of happy, paying, fabulous customers. We’re also growing by about ~20% month over month, which means lots of users – and lots of support! Fortunately, you’re an empathetic and articulate communicator with an outlook so positive it’s almost creepy. You love people? We love you.

Job Deets Cheat Sheet

  • You live anywhere in North America
  • Full Time – 40 hours a week; 8am – 4pm, 9am – 5pm, or 10am – 6pm Eastern Time (Your first three weeks will be from 9am – 5pm ET)
  • You’re super comfortable with social media (like, sweatpants-level comfortable)
  • You’ll be helping our customers out with general questions, techie-type troubleshooting, and a wee bit of salesy stuff
  • You’re motivated, proactive, and totally into technology
  • You want to make lots of people super happy!

** Please note that we are accepting applications for this role through the end of January 2017. If we think you are a fit for the role, we’ll be in touch by the second week of February.

About You

Your greatest talent in life is putting people at ease and making them feel heard. (Or juggling chainsaws, because that’d be SO COOL.) You don’t take it personally when someone has a complaint, so when the going gets salty, you stay sweet and bounce right back to help out whoever’s next in line. We live on the Internet, so you’re a master of written communication and can always tell whether someone needs a quick answer or a little extra hand-holding. You love working with tech, exploring new tools and apps, and using your black belt in Google Fu to find resourceful solutions for the most problem-y problems.

We’re into CS that’s smart, proactive, and actually helpful, so don’t expect to spend day after day getting smacked in the face with complaints and sending the same soul-sucking form responses to people. (That’s SO not your style.) You’re a translator who speaks 1000 dialects of Customer-ese, so when somebody has a problem, you know how to suss out the issue at its heart and put their pain point in your crosshairs. You’ve got a mind of your own, and you’re looking for a job that’ll let you use it, and make serious contributions outside of just answering emails. (Even though you’re a total pro at it.)

And you know, you’re a just-plain-swell human being. (It’s okay for you to admit that!) Customer service takes smarts AND a sparkling personality, and yours sparkles like a diamond fresh out of the dishwasher. You love being part of an awesome team, but you’re also good at the whole self-management thing – you’re in charge of a lot of your own workflow, so you’ve gotta be able to focus and prioritize without anyone creepily staring at you over the wall of a cubicle.

You should . . .

  • Have customer service experience (obvi)– bonus points if it’s technology-related customer support
  • Be open to new and unique challenges— you’ve got problem-solving skillz to pay the billz (in this case, literally)
  • Know your @-replies from your @-mentions
  • Understand what “inspect element” and “view source” are (hint: they aren’t the titles of science fiction movies)

Look elsewhere if you . . .

  • can’t take constructive criticism
  • don’t use social media
  • don’t live in the continental US or can’t work the hours described
  • are on dial-up and can’t get broadband where you live

About Us

You can check out http://meetedgar.com/careers/ to learn more about us, but here’s the CliffsNotes version:

We’re a small team of 20-ish people, all working remotely across the US and Canada. We do a lot of collaborating and meme-swapping on Slack, along with virtual team meetings and futuristic video calls. We also do a twice-annual meetup week where we work together on cool projects all day and rock the karaoke mic all night.

We’re proudly bootstrapped and profitable, which means we get to turn down VC money a lot and keep doing things the way we like. We’re pretty serious about building and maintaining an awesome, positive company culture, so, you know, no jerks. Customer service-wise, we faithfully subscribe to the Help Scout philosophy of awesome support. (And the Help Scout newsletter. And we also USE Help Scout. We might have a slight crush.)

Our CS people aren’t just a bunch of interchangeable question-answerers – they’re massively important to our overall success, so we’re not just dropping you on the front lines and scampering off. You’ll work hands-on with our dev team, communicating the user feedback that will inform upgrades and improvements to our service. (We’re total geeks about nailing the customer experience, so when you talk, we’re listening with open ear holes.) We also use lots of fancy schmancy tools like Help Scout, Intercom, Stripe, and SnapEngage for keeping track of customers and learning about their behavior, so you’ll be armed to the teeth with basically every techno resource you could possibly want. (Don’t worry – we can show you how to use ‘em.)

Perks and Benefits

  • 401k with matched contributions
  • Health and Dental/Vision Benefits, plus the option to participate in Health and Dependent Care FSAs
  • Maternity/paternity leave for your never-sleeping-again needs
  • Twice-yearly company retreats (karaoke participation optional)
  • Perktastic perks like monthly housecleaning, coworking space memberships, home office upgrades, and tons of street cred