Content Enhancement Project Manager at Verblio


We’re looking for a Content Enhancement Project Manager to join our rapidly growing team!

We’re excited to bring on a process-driven, strategically-minded, wearer of many hats to manage the products and services that customers rely on to increase the SEO value of their content. Our content enhancement services are designed to help customers boost their content marketing process beyond the production of content (i.e. SEO optimization, content strategy, video). In this role, you’ll be responsible for a critical part of our revenue growth and our platform’s value. Your knowledge of the content marketing sphere will help you continue to improve existing products and design new offerings that will add SEO juice to our clients’ content. You’ll collaborate with a large group of contractors to scale these services and deliver them seamlessly. Sound crazy but kind of exciting? You should totally do this.

Perfect backgrounds: None. 

But some options could include:

  • Waiting tables while earning a Ph.D. in extinct primate morphology
  • Startup experience in a hemp ear muff business + a degree in the philosophy of game show hosting
  • Urban graffiti tour guide  + author of a book about the secret affairs of Sylvia Plath

This full-time, exempt position will be responsible for:

  • Managing the delivery of over 5 unique products and services. From simply adding photos to full account management, our content enhancement services are designed to add more SEO value and save customers more time in their content marketing journey.
  • Coordinating service delivery with supporting contractors. Most of our content enhancement services are fulfilled by groups of specialized contractors. You’ll oversee these contractors, ensuring they continue to meet quality and turnaround standards and gather their feedback on pain-points so as to continually improve workflows and offerings.
  • Creating and improving delivery workflows. As we create new products and services and tweak existing ones, you’ll design efficient and effective delivery workflows with an eye towards improved project management across collaborators.
  • Strategizing growth opportunities for existing stable of products. Content enhancement is a key lever in our growth so you’ll be focused on identifying how to grow these products and services.
  • Community building. We’re proud of the communicative and fun contractor community we’ve built. You’ll continue to find ways to connect contractors to each other, increase visibility between the Verblio and contractor teams, and elicit valuable feedback to improve our professional services.
  • Wearing hats. So many hats. At Verblio, we’re a tight-knit team that feels comfortable jumping into any role and solving any problem at any time. We’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to go above and beyond their responsibilities for the good of the team, the platform, and our community.

What you will need to be successful in this role: 

  • 2-5 years of client management experience, marketing experience, or SAAS background.
  • A strong foundation in content marketing/SEO/inbound marketing.
  • Great interpersonal skills and a love for building relationships with clients.
  • A love for project management and turning tasks into a systematic process that can be replicated and scaled.
  • Strong writing, editing,  and messaging skills.
  • A data-driven mentality, and the interest to build reporting, tracking, and systems that enable us to understand how to improve our margins, speed, and quality.
  • Problem-solving prowess and extreme organizational skillz.
  • Willingness to wear many hats and jump into projects outside of core responsibilities.
  • Zeal for working with a kick-ass team of power-women hell-bent on having a great time, enjoying the quirkiness of our users, and overdelivering (because it’s the right thing to do).

What makes Verblio a great place to work?

  • We work hard, have fun, learn a lot, and are proud of our transparent, collaborative culture.
  • We believe in doing good, and that creating great opportunities for home-based writers is just as important as helping our clients find their next customer.
  • This year we made the Inc 5000 list and won our fifth Mercury 100 award as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Boulder Valley.
  • We offer competitive salaries, health, dental & vision insurance, and a generous vacation policy.

Excited about this opportunity? If so, click here to apply with your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile link.

Location: US Locations Only

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