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This position’s primary focus is to create stellar content in digital formats.

The Content Marketing Coordinator will focus primarily on creating content for the Balance365 brand including:

  • Research, Curation and Ideation
  • Writing and Editing
  • Graphic and Web Design


As of January 2020, Balance365 has spent five years disrupting, educating, growing, connecting, and most importantly: serving.

Balance365® is a movement for women who want to pursue sustainable practices around food, fitness, and emotional well-being. We believe the key to achieving your health and wellness goals is not another diet, rather a shift in mindset to drive new thoughts, behaviors, and habits. Because we know that “success” looks different for each individual, we refrain from prescriptive health and wellness protocols in favor of evidence-based, individualized behavior change processes. We provide a framework that guides people through the behavior change process and helps them set goals that are achievable for their unique life and body. The Balance365 life is one where self-compassion replaces self-loathing, healthy habits replace diets, and inner peace replaces inner turmoil.


Our company values are laced throughout our branding, our coaching style, and our program. We strive to BE the company our customers need to see in order to feel confident as one of the few who are opting out of diet culture and embracing new beliefs and behaviors about health and wellbeing.

Why have we been successful in building our brand and community? Because we lean into our core values:

  • Steadfast Courage
  • Holistic Growth
  • Grounded Confidence
  • Inspired Collaboration
  • Autonomy Advocates

It’s taken steadfast courage to stand up and say health and wellness can be messy, but it is definitely not black and white as many companies have led people to believe.

Holistic Growth is what sustains us, and keeps us moving forward, both internally and externally. We’ve learned that growing this company happens in conjunction with personal growth. It requires tremendous personal discomfort to take risks, fail fast, and build resilience. It’s full of hard conversations, boundaries, examining beliefs, and getting comfortable with the fact that not everyone will like us.

Balance365 believes in emulating grounded confidence. Grounded confidence happens when vulnerability, curiosity, and practice collide. In order to exhibit grounded confidence, we know our team member’s need to feel safe. None of us in this company is perfect, but we are ALL capable of great things. We will applaud those who take action, and move forward even when the answer is unclear.

Inspired Collaboration drives so much of what we do in this company. We have seen time and again the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Together, we are stronger. And when we pause to consider each person’s unique talents, abilities, and perspective, when we foster a culture of collaboration, we have the potential to create something very special.

Lastly, our guiding compass in creating relationships with our clients should be as autonomy advocates. Our people are not faceless numbers, nor do they exist to become our success story or next marketing campaign. Time and again we hear, “Balance365 treated me as a person.” Additionally, being an autonomy advocate means our team is built from independent, self-starters with freedom to create in environments that inspire you.


  • Create effective written content that:
    • leads to more clicks in promo emails.
    • has killer subject lines that lead to higher open rates over time.
    • is persuasive and leads to sales.
    • communicates advanced concepts and strategies in a straightforward and enjoyably captivating way (our readers LOOK FORWARD to our content).
    • is entertaining and makes our readers laugh.
    • sounds like it was written by our CEO—quickly and easily—that connects with our target market.
  • Create stunning visual content and:
    • Take charge on all design projects from itty bitty social media graphics and paid advertising visuals to long-form sales pages, epic webinar presentation slides, course content, PDFs, lead magnets, and more.
    • Optimize current web designs to improve user experience, conversions, and mobile responsiveness.
    • Map out strategic design initiatives that help us create next level visuals that our audiences resonate with.
    • Ensure everything we create is aligned and consistent with our brand standards — we want people to see our designs and experience instant brand recognition.
  • Work proactively and always look for more content that can be written, designed, or improved
  • Work and collaborate with Growth department and other key team members to execute our big picture vision for the Balance365 brand
  • Deliver content well ahead of deadlines
  • Research and understand our unique position in the market
  • Seek out information about our target market by reading what’s current in the industry
  • Proactively study online marketing strategies and keep up with the shifts in the wellness and online business space
  • Display a great, positive attitude, and remain open to feedback and suggestions
  • Pivot quickly and is communicative of hold ups in projects


  • Content is delivered ahead of schedule
  • Content creation and distribution is consistent, strategic and relevant
  • Consumption and conversion of content increases (open rates, opt-ins, sales rates, etc.)
  • Audience provide positive feedback by engaging with content
  • Audience retention rates increase


As we’re looking for an ideal fit, our new Content Marketing Coordinator will likely possess what we’ve listed below:

  • 2+ years writing and design experience (experience writing for an online business is a bonus) in a company where it’s not just about putting words and images on a page but where conversion rates matter.
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal).
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to prioritize workload of self.
  • Critical thinking, analytical, & problem solving skills.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment.
  • Ability to prioritize multiple projects under pressure.
  • Ability to work on multiple projects at any one time.
  • Ability to respond in a timely manner.
  • Operate in a fast moving environment and adhere to deadlines while producing high quality work each and every time.
  • Passion for working with others (being collaborative) and helping our team members grow and learn.
  • Be a problem solver and think ahead to ensure any challenges don’t greatly impact project progress or outcomes.
  • Ability to set goals and develop achievable timelines to hit them.
  • A distraction-free work environment, including:
    • A computer
    • Cell phone
    • High-speed internet


  • Review 2-3 previous Balance365 Life podcast episodes and/or Facebook Lives and create content from the concepts discussed in the episode such as:
    • 1-2 infographics
    • 1 Blog post
    • Two micro-blog style social media captions
  • Review existing blog posts from and from the concepts discussed create:
    • 1-2 infographics
    • 1 micro-blog style social media post
  • Create all elements needed for new opt-in including:
    • Downloadable resource
    • Landing Page + Thank You Page
    • Confirmation Email
    • Promotional Content
    • Sales/Launch copy and graphics
    • Email Sequence
    • Ad Copy and Images
    • Sales Pages
    • Checkout Pages
  • Edit curriculum content and design accompanying digital workbooks, worksheets, presentation slides, etc.
  • Update website or membership site content


  • Someone who hasn’t read a business or marketing book or listened to a podcast or webinar in the last month. A passion for business and personal growth is essential and we all strive for personal and professional growth at every turn.
  • Someone who has a lot going on already and doesn’t have the time and focus to really dive in.
  • Someone who isn’t willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Someone who prefers to be front-facing in the business.
  • Someone who wants to be an entrepreneur and run their own business. All our team members are “intrapreneurs.” You’ll have the freedom and flexibility to love what you do and be the best at your role, but if you want to run your own company in the near future then we are not for you.
  • Someone looking for a 9 to 5, Monday to Friday job. This is not for someone who lives for the weekends and hates Mondays. We’re a mission-driven company who, at the core, is about changing the lives of everyone who comes into contact with our company.
  • Sometimes you might have to work late, sometimes you may have to work a Saturday, sometimes you’ll get the afternoon off. If we have a project deadline , then we’re all hands on deck. If this doesn’t sound exciting, then this role and our organization is not for you.


  • Love a challenge and are resourceful when it comes to figuring things out and making them happen.
  • Can work alone and don’t need your hand held every step of the way.
  • Can work under pressure where you might have three projects on the go with tight deadlines.
  • Have exceptional communication skills.
  • Are super organized but can move quickly to ensure things get done effectively and efficiently.
  • Can handle direct & blunt feedback.
  • Have high standards, substandard work is not in your vocabulary and detail could be your middle name.


When you work with us, you’ll get:

  • Experience in a fast-growing company where things change daily, new ideas come to life in a matter of weeks and everybody is fully invested, every single day.
  • Your hands dirty learning advanced marketing, business operations, business strategy and sales techniques. Think of this like an MBA program…except we pay you!
  • The chance to stretch professionally. If there is a skillset or topic you’re interested in, this is the place to learn and challenge yourself.
  • Your voice heard! Every one of our team members has the chance to give input, create value and make a big impact on the future of our company.
  • A team behind you that is cheerleading you, supporting you, guiding you and championing you.
  • To do your work from anywhere: your living room, the coffee shop, a hotel pool…
  • Competitive compensation.

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