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Cancer Information Specialist, Cancer Programs

Location: Remote

Job Code: 168

# of openings: 1


CHAMPS Oncology is dedicated to improving patient care by delivering and transforming high-quality cancer data into actionable information for cancer programs and healthcare providers across the country. Unlike traditional staffing companies, CHAMPS Oncology’s team of highly skilled cancer information specialists and experienced certified tumor registrars have been providing customized strategies and solutions for complete outsourcing, supplemental abstracting and cancer program consulting for more than 40 years. CHAMPS specializes in developing and delivering comprehensive registry solutions, achieving abstracting accuracy, advising clients on the Commission on Cancer accreditation process, implementing registry quality standards, providing continuous education to staff, capturing data for NAPBC accreditation and providing cancer data analytics utilizing insight2oncology. CHAMPS is honored to be named as one of ERC’s NorthCoast 99 List.

CHAMPS Cancer Information Specialists, Cancer Programs

As a CHAMPS Oncology Cancer Information Specialist, Cancer Programs, you will be responsible for providing cancer registry program services to CHAMPS Oncology facilities, including cancer information management, cancer registry operations and participation in cancer program activities. You will create partnerships with the hospital or facility staff to provide better information to be used in the management of cancer.

The focus of this position is working with and through others, building and maintaining relationships with our clients, and working closely and accurately within established cancer program guidelines. There is a need for an effective communicator, someone who is able to stimulate and motivate others while being aware of and responsive to their needs and concerns. There will be many different people to meet and work with. The person in this position must be friendly and genuinely interested in the client’s goals, and needs of others, including the company, its management, and the team. Abstracting is a focus of the job, and those details need to be handled quickly, correctly, and efficiently.

Our Cancer Information Specialists, Cancer Programs will be responsible for:

  • Responsible for functions relating to cancer information management within the scope of services as outlined in the designated contracts.
  • Maintains working knowledge of cancer program reporting activities (i.e. cancer committee, survey readiness & Commission on Cancer preparation function, etc), in accordance with the current CoC standards Manual .
  • Performs data collection (abstracting) and reporting on eligible cancer cases in accordance with current state mandates and national accrediting agencies.
  • Assigns codes to the collected data set items in accordance with current state and national accrediting agencies.
  • Performs case ascertainment in accordance with current state and national accrediting agencies.
  • Responsible to maintain compliance procedures to obtain information (follow-up) on progress of cancer patients.
  • Prepares cancer registry reports and/or studies within required guidelines and/or timelines.
  • Maintains cancer registry files in accordance with current state and national accrediting agencies.

Who we’re looking for:

The person in this position will take work seriously, has a strong sense of duty, and is disciplined. The person in this position will appreciate clearly defined scope of work, responsibilities, and reporting relationships, ongoing and thorough training opportunities to develop expertise and increase confidence, and frequently expressed appreciation of the person’s competence, conscientiousness, and loyalty. Our ideal candidate will possess an open, flowing communication style and will possess a how can I help you?’ attitude.

We require the credential as a Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) in good standing with the National Cancer Registrars Association. Previous experience strongly preferred.