Administrative Assistant (FTE / Benefits Eligible) in Durango, CO OR Remote

Who We Are

Authentic empathy for our clients’ problems is built into everything we do. You know that feeling you get when it’s time to file your taxes with the IRS each year? Imagine feeling that, every month, with tens of thousands of dollars at stake. We’re eliminating that feeling and creating lasting positive relationships with our clients, partners, and each other. We believe that the work we do is a reflection of our higher purpose in life. And if the work isn’t fulfilling and enjoyable, what’s the point?

So … what exactly do we do? We do whatever it takes to eliminate the hassle of sales tax for our clients. This typically involves helping clients understand where they have sales tax obligations, getting sales tax permits, managing transaction data, and handling ongoing filings. We’re also there for them if they ever have sales tax related questions. We primarily serve online retailers based in the United States, but we are actively working on branching out into other markets. The sky ‘s the limit!

We’re a small company (currently at 6 employees) but we’re profitable and growing fast!

Position Overview

If TaxButler were a restaurant, it’d have three Michelin stars.

While that might sound crazy, we can’t think of a better way to describe the relentless pursuit of quality and exceptional service that creates an unforgettable experience for our clients, employees, and the industry we serve.

A key part of creating that experience is ensuring that no balls ever get dropped. And trust us … when you work in sales tax, there are a lotof things happening at once.

As an Administrative Assistant at TaxButler, what you do day-to-day will likely change. But at the end of the day, it all comes back to ensuring our clients’ are having a kick-ass experience working with us. You’ll do that by providing support for internal employees, assisting with special projects, and being that friendly voice (or email!) when a client reaches out.

Like we said, if TaxButler were a restaurant, it’d have three Michelin stars. If you’re the right person for this role, you’ll be part of the reason why.

What You Bring

  • Alignment with TaxButler’s Purpose: We are alchemists transmuting negative emotions and turning them into something positive for our employees, partners, and customers, through service and technology.
  • Alignment with TaxButler’s Core Values: Feel It, Shape It, Own It, Scale It, and Up and Out
  • An innate desire to be of service to others
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A proven ability to succeed in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment
  • A work history that demonstrates an ability to work collaboratively within a small, tight-knit team
  • Not afraid to learn new things or technology
  • Extremely computer savvy
  • Diligent, organized and thoughtful … nothing ever falls through the cracks with you!

An initial set of responsibilities may include:

  • Answering the phone and routing calls to the appropriate member on the team
  • Reviewing incoming emails and assigning them to the appropriate team members
  • Assisting with sales tax permit projects
  • Assisting the CEO with day to day activities such as scheduling, travel, et cetera
  • Handling day-to-day operations and specific tasks in a fast-paced environment

How success is measured

Your measures for success will be in the following areas:

  • How quickly do client support emails get assigned/responded to this month?
  • How many permit projects have you completed this week?
  • On a scale of 1 -5, how satisfied is the CEO with your performance this quarter?

Benefits / Compensation

We believe working side-by-side with an awesome team is the greatest benefit there is, but there are a lot of other reasons to love working with TaxButler including:

  • Paid Healthcare, Vision and Dental (TaxButler covers 70% of individual)
  • 15 Combined PTO + Sick days/year
  • 11 Company Holidays (including 3 days each for Christmas/Thanksgiving, the day after Halloween, and more)
  • Tons of opportunity! TaxButler launched in 2018 and is growing rapidly. That means if you work hard and want to move into a more advanced role, there will be an opportunity for you.
  • Working with a fun, tight-knit team.
  • Option to spend 1% of paid time volunteering for a non-profit

Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process is probably a bit more involved than you’re accustomed to. Our hiring process includes an initial phone screen, two in-depth behavior interviews, a skills assessment, personality assessment, and a background check.

Tips for Applying: Please include a cover letter with a brief description of your background, and what aspects of this position resonates with you.