Brilliant Metrics

Account Manager (Telecommute)

Shorewood, Wisconsin, United States · Operations


Join Brilliant Metrics on a quest to rid the marketing world of waste. Help us tear down silos, kill “big campaign” thinking and impart a results-oriented mindset where the mantra has been, “As long as the CEO likes it.” We are a different kind of marketing agency, focused on helping our clients create sustainable marketing programs with built-in methods for continuous improvement.

Do you naturally “get” people? Do you know how to have tough conversations at the right time and come out the other end with a stronger business relationship? Are you hyper-organized with a knack for balancing clients’ needs and expectations with the team’s capacity to deliver? Do you excel at making sure what we promise is delivered when the client expects it and makes their cheeks hurt from smiling at the awesome results? Do you want to work with a pretty amazing (and totally humble) group of people from the comfort of your home?

If that’s you, let’s talk.

Client Happiness:

  • Be the point person for each of your clients, capturing not only their needs and requests but the “why” behind those requests. Learn their businesses and industries, the people who make up their team and how those teams communicate and function. Have empathy, build rapport and earn trust so they have confidence that we will deliver on promises.
  • Communicate intuitively and clearly, both verbally (telephone and video conferencing) and in writing. Speak clearly, thoughtfully and meaningfully but also listen at least as well to what is said and not said. Be proactive and take the initiative in having easy and hard conversations with clients and with the team. Confirm you are on the same page and share with the rest of the team in a timely and meaningful way.
  • Identify opportunities to make the client’s world brighter and be their advocate to get the job done on time and as desired.
  • Make presentations and review them with clients over video conferences, demonstrating a client’s marketing ROI.

Project Management:

  • Be organized, ask questions and keep the client and the team updated so nothing falls off anyone’s radar.
  • Be able to break down big ideas into actionable deliverables, timelines and manageable tasks, then determine who on the team is the best person for each task and what their capacity is so you can successfully coordinate the client’s needs with the team’s ability to deliver.
  • Communicate too much information with the internal team so we can fully support you and your clients. The rest of the account team needs thorough summaries of what happened in those client meetings to know when and why things are happening. The bean counters on the team need to know if cash is being spent or billed to keep from having month-end surprises (panic attacks). You don’t need to be an accountant or micromanager, but you need to know where the team’s capacity sits and the money is so you can intelligently communicate with the client.
  • Occasionally work directly with some amazing outside resources for production of creative and digital assets.


  • Jump in if someone on the team is drowning. We are an “all hands on deck” organization and help one another when help is needed. If someone is in the weeds and you have the capacity and skill set to lend a hand, please do.
  • Be self-motivated. We are a remote team and cannot walk the halls to see if you are struggling or even there. We do not micromanage or measure success by how much time you spend sitting at your desk; we are a working team, not parents (at least, not parents of each other). Success is based on quality and quantity of work. You must have the drive to turn off the TV, put on your “focus” playlist and kick butt at your responsibilities before the clock is ticking down.
  • Have humility. No one knows everything, and that’s okay because we are a team that supports each other. You should know your own limits and be comfortable reaching out for help when you aren’t certain of an answer or direction before situations reach critical mass.
  • Be flexible and creative. Multiple clients with varying needs and an internal team that serves additional clients other than just yours means we all need to be efficient, proactive and able to withstand the occasional tornado of requests with patience, compassion and the occasional unique solution.
  • Do not be a dinosaur. The marketing landscape is ever-changing, so we all must be enthusiastic lifelong students.


  • 2+ years of experience with B2B professional services (working for multiple business clients on multiple projects).
  • 2+ years of marketing/advertising experience.
  • A space to work. That means some place in your home or good coworking space where the background behind your workspace appears professional and you have the ability to hold confidential conversations with clients without interruption by family, friends or similar distractions.
  • A fast and reliable internet connection. You need a minimum internet speed of 5M down / 2M up so you’re not frequently freezing or disconnecting during video conferences.
  • Daily work location within the United States (military spouses with documented permanent legal residences that are US-based, please apply). Sorry protectorates, but our payroll service presently only serves the 50 states. This is a W-2 position; we are not able to convert to a 1099 relationship for applicants of outside nations.

Nice to have:

  • Working knowledge of Google Analytics.
  • Experience with marketing automation (any flavor).


  • Internet reimbursement of $40 monthly.
  • Full-time telecommuting.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • Flexible paid time off.
  • An opportunity to get into a small organization and help shape all aspects of the business with a collaborative team.