What’s the best way to find a remote job?

Our company really loves FlexJobs.com—that’s where we find our best people! I’d also recommend that if you like your current job, you first campaign is to get more flexibility where you are. I recently wrote a blog piece on that for 1 Million for Work Flexibility. There’s a huge remote work movement happening. Take advantage of the publicity it’s getting and approach your management about making the switch!

I’m lucky in that all of my work comes directly through my website which is ranked #1 for most keywords related to my field (i.e. “freelance ios developer”). I’m also very upfront on my contact page that I only do remote work so I get very few enquiries for projects that require an on-site contractor. That said, there are plenty of directory style websites that can help direct clients and traffic to your website.

Dive headfirst into freelancing. And JUST DO IT. Plan, but don’t overthink it. You’ll learn and adjust as you go.

Career websites that provide an aggregate picture of remote jobs at various companies can be helpful. Connecting via LinkedIn and other social networks also helps explore options.

Look on job boards dedicated to remote working opps. Follow distributed companies you admire and position yourself to fill a need.

Look for jobs at Fortune 50 companies. Large companies with a nationwide footprint tend to be in the top 50 of Fortune’s list and, due to their national presence, are more likely to have remote working options.

Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities. That’s how I found out about the my  job.  I was part of a working mom bloggers Facebook group and someone posted the job was available.  If it wasn’t for me being active in that group I wouldn’t have learned about the opportunity.

As a freelance writer in the HR sector, I’ve found that directly contacting companies that need my skill set has been the most rewarding. Most writers use job boards or community postings. I’ve found that those methods, while not necessarily bad, are usually oversaturated and drives down cost. Additionally, I like cultivating new relationships with organizations, so contacting them directly has worked the best for me.

Various websites that cater to online work.  I think that writing software may be more amenable to remote work than most professions.