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Remote Work at Taksa Technology Solutions

Team Members
Toronto, Canada
*As of June 2015
Taksa Technology Solutions Remote Company Q&A
Karan Arora, CEO - Interview with Remote.co

Taksa is a leader in IT Application Outsourcing Services, that partners with its clients to simplify, strengthen, and transform your strategic objectives into creative deliverables in an efficient and cost effective way. Taksa’ Outsourcing Services lies in the certainty of its skilled resource, process, and application solution delivered.

  1. Better Efficiency
  2. More Productivity
  3. Savings from overheads to the company which in turns goes back to employees as benefits.
  4. Valuable ‘Me Time’ with family.
  1. More Productive
  2. Work/ Home Balance
  3. Save on Travel Time & Money
  4. Comfortable Work Environment
  5. Give the savings that gets incurred from office space overheads back to employees as bonuses and benefits.

It all begins with our rigorous recruiting process also defined in our High Caliber Personnel Model, that identifies top talent with strong language skills who seamlessly integrate in your organization’s already established culture. The main part of the recruiting process is where we have voice and video calls over Skype and conduct our HR and Technical interview rounds.

We also define goals for each of our employees. These goals are company goals as well as their personal goals. We review these goals on a monthly basis and evaluate them on a quarterly basis. This process not only helps the employees to stay on top of things but also helps us to get better results and stay productive.

As a company we have internal policies that helps us to have key security measures that protects us from any liability concerns that possibly could occur. We also have an internal IT support policy that helps to support devices that are not company owned and would be connecting to our domains.

Organically. As we grew and worked through this work model and faced different challenges and overcame those challenges, we shaped up a better and a stronger communication pattern that forms as our work policy and also acts as a special ingredient of our secret sauce.

You can do your job whenever and wherever you want .. as long as you get your desired results. Working remotely surely brings a lot of value to the table, both for the employee as well as the employer. It also enables employers to hire top talents by not restricting themselves to local geographic limits. The benefits it brings far overweighs the hassles. By having a better control and management, you can expect the same desired results and outcomes and can also expect much better efficiency and productivity by your employees.

With a work culture that we have and the option to work remotely allows me to stay on top of my things and deliver the results as per a work schedule that is suitable to my personal life as well. This helps a lot to balance out my personal and work life and give importance and priority to both at the same time.