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Remote Work at DVMelite

Team Members
Halifax, Canada
*As of January 2016
DVMelite Remote Company Q&A
Sally Van Dyke, Team Builder Manager - Interview with Remote.co

We work in business development for veterinary offices all over North America – we help clients become even more successful through business development, staffing, training and we help them be able to give back to their communities.

Remote work is essential in our business model, we would not be able to do what we do without remote. With clients all over North America and Team members to match, the remote model allows for greater flexibility in meeting the time constraints of our clients.   This flexibility also means we are able to attract highly qualified Team Members who can flex their day around personal commitments.

We are able to tap into all of the great talent of people who cannot work out of the home.  There is an amazing talent pool of people who have something to share who are at home, for whatever reason.

The main reason is that we wanted to give opportunities to people who cannot or do not want to work out of the home but still want to work and give back to the world.

The remote worker is unique as they have to have initiative and discipline to work from home successfully.

We are quite unique in how we hire.  We have many steps in our process, but that helps make sure we hire the right people for the right positions.  

We have short daily meetings for many of the departments so that everyone is knowledgeable about what is going on in the company and then we have weekly company-wide meetings which help deliver all of the up to date information about clients and the operations.  

It is critical to have open communication and no silos.  Everyone should be able to communicate with anyone and be open to reply quickly.

The biggest challenge is to find people who will fit into our culture and are ready to work hard for a great cause.  

You can take off whatever days/weeks needed and as long as you have someone covering for your clients, we are fine.  

It was the beginning model.  Our model has grown organically into a formal model while maintaining flexibility and autonomy for our contractors.

We LOVE our culture!  We work very hard to promote open communication through a company-wide platform.  We also have daily and weekly meetings to further bring people together.

We have a place for business communication, but also places where silly notes and “bonding” is encouraged.  We can share baby pictures, recipes, have fun contests to promote getting to know each other.

People have more efficiency at home when they have the flexibility to work when they can.

Keeping the culture strong as we quickly grow.  We are committed to our culture and make sure it is number one for everyone joining our group.  We are a big family and want to continue to grow that family.

We have gotten closer as a team as we grow.  We have new technology that connects us instantly and we have grown more as a team than ever before.

My “worst” was also the funniest for me:  Jury Duty.  They had free Wi-Fi and there is always a lot of waiting around, so I used it to work.  I even joined some conference calls on “listen only” mode so I would not miss any team news.  The best place is on a snowy cold day in the house.  It reminds me how great my situation is that I do not have to fight ice and snow and bad traffic, I can instead concentrate on doing a good job!