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Remote Work at Articulate, Inc.

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*As of August 2015
Articulate, Inc. Team

Articulate, Inc. Team

Articulate, Inc. Remote Company Q&A
Frazier Miller, COO - Interview with Remote.co

We make the world’s best online training software.

Extremely important given our entire culture and business is founded on the remote principal.  We’ve been remote from the beginning.

Building an amazing culture where people take responsibility and ownership to do the right thing and be amazingly productive.  

Getting the best talent wherever they landed.  Belief that people work their best when working autonomously.  We are big believers in Daniel Pink’s work that champions autonomy, mastery and purpose.  We believe the remote environment reinforces all of these principles.

  1. If they’ve worked remotely before
  2. If they’ve done independent consulting
  3. Demonstrated responsibility
  4. Great team member

Depends on the roll, but in most cases it becomes very clear who is productive and who isn’t.  For engineers github is key.  

Take whatever time you need.  We’re a ROWE environment.  

Founded it from the beginning.

  • Tools are important… github, slack, hangouts, gdocs, trello
  • Meet-ups are very important
  • 15five has been a great tool for us to organize work
  • Tinypulse has been a great way to keep on top of people issues/needs.
  • Go overboard for onboarding

Start from the beginning.  It’s harder to do once you have offices.  Also, don’t believe what others will say… that there comes a point where remote “doesn’t scale/work”.  We’re still growing at 150…

  • Finding the right talent – people that flourish in remote environments.
  • Communicating goals and objectives and ensuring those flow through the organization.
  • Coordinating complex projects across multiple functions or teams.  
  • Monthly town-halls via zoom
  • Team meet-ups
  • Daily slack

Since I have three boys, I really need my own work space… So I make sure I have a quiet space outside of my home to work in!

Worst – wherever there is intermittent internet connectivity!

Best – Shaw Island, Washington.