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Remote Work at Acceleration Partners

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*As of June 2015
Acceleration Partners Remote Company Q&A
Emily Tetto, Director, Talent & Culture - Interview with Remote.co

At Acceleration Partners, we develop customer acquisition programs that deliver real profits. We start by aligning your business goals with expert strategy and best practices. We bring it to life with high quality performance marketing programs whether it’s through affiliate marketing, organic search, paid marketing, or other channels. Our goal is to bring you more customers, greater sales and faster growth for your organization

It is not important to our business model as much as it is important to our company vision and culture.  We believe high-quality work and a high-quality lifestyle are not mutually exclusive.  Our team works hard, but we are equally passionate about the hours we spend away from work with family and friends and pursuing our passions.

We have always had a distributed workforce since inception. It was deliberate.

As a whole company we have bi-weekly video calls every other week and we get together in-person 2x a year for all company meetings.

We measure productivity through the results we deliver to our clients.  We also use tools like Harvest for time tracking, and quarterly check-ins to make sure everyone is on track with their core job responsibilities and individual goals.

Different laws in various states and keeping on top of that while trying to be fair to the masses. 2. Keeping everyone motivated and energized, especially during the stressful or busy weeks. 3. Making sure we are hiring resilient and very self-motivated, positive people.

Organically, we are growing and learning as we grow how to continually make this a great place to work and how to remove (or make better) obstacles in remote working.  We are always looking at industry best practices.

It’s not as hard as it sounds.  There are definitely obstacles but if you have great, highly accountable and responsible people working for you, where and when they work (within reason) shouldn’t matter.

Skype, Video Conference, Basecamp/Asana, and of course Email. We also use tools like Tinypulse for soliciting consistent feedback and sending “cheers” to team members.

I try to keep to a schedule. I get up and get out of the house and bring my kids to school, then I “go to work” which also happens to be my home office or maybe a local coffee shop and I close it out at the end of the day before I pick-up my kids. On particularly busy days or weeks, I will get back online in the evening once the kids are asleep, just like I use to do when I was in a typical office job.