5 Ways to Share Your Remote Company Brand

5 Ways to Share Your Remote Company Brand

Companies are usually quick to share their latest soaring sales numbers, an amazing acquisition, or the hiring of a well-known top-level employee. But when it comes to being a remote company, sometimes businesses are bashful about their remote work policies and remote company brand. But they shouldn’t be.

With so many job seekers looking for flexible work options, it makes good business sense for companies to showcase their remote status and flexible job options.

If your company is reticent to flaunt its flex, here are five ways to share your remote company brand:

1. Use various social media channels.

Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Twitter. Google+. The list goes on and on when it comes to the various social media sites that a company can use to share breaking news and industry info. So why not share your company’s remote company culture socially, too?

Tweet about your company’s latest all-company remote retreat on Twitter, or post a pic of an employee who exceeded a goal—and still managed to bring cupcakes to a mid-morning birthday party at school—on Facebook. You’ll show that your company supports its remote work policy, and the staffers who use it.

2. Dedicate a page on your company’s website.

When an ardent job seeker is serious about working for your company, chances are that person will peruse your company’s website to find out its history, its current job postings and, yes, whether or not your company is flex-friendly.

That’s why you should highlight your company’s remote brand prominently on your website. Don’t bury the info though; broadcast it proudly on your company’s About Us page and/or on its job listings section. You’ll reinforce the fact that your company is proud to be a member of the flexible work movement.

3. Include the info in job descriptions.

Beyond the qualifications that a worker will need in order to apply for the position, there are two things that virtually every job seeker wishes to learn about in a job posting that aren’t always listed: salary and flexible work options.

While salary negotiations oftentimes come late in the job interviewing/hiring process, alerting potential employees about a job’s flex shouldn’t be a secret. An integral part of the company’s hiring practices should be to include the position’s flex from the get-go.

In fact, by including that all-too-important information in your job description, you’ll most likely attract a higher level of talent and increase your talent pool, since workers from anywhere on the globe will now know that they can apply for the job, too. Plus, you’ll most likely find job seekers who truly want and value flex work, which can increase the caliber of your job candidates.  

4. Put out a press release.

Sure, posting your remote work brand on your company’s website, job descriptions, and social media channels is great. But if you want to take it to the next level, why not issue a press release informing the public of your company’s remote work culture?

By doing so, you’re showing not only potential job seekers, but other companies as well, your belief in the benefits of remote companies and flexible work options. This official stance on workplace flexibility can help set you apart from your competitors, particularly those that are still in a brick-and-mortar mentality and have their employees clock in at a traditional office each and every day.

5. Partner with sites like Remote.co or 1 Million for Work Flexibility.

Sometimes it’s not enough to just say that your company has a flexible-work policy. Show your support for flex by partnering with websites like Remote.co and 1 Million. These sites, dedicated to providing insight and support for organizations that are (or will become) remote, can show that your company is a true champion for flexible work and work-life balance for all.

Today, flexible work options are something that companies should spotlight. By making sure that your company’s remote brand and culture are transparent and accessible for anyone to know about can help you build a stronger team and company, founded on the belief that the best work can happen anywhere in the world.

Readers, does your company do a good job of broadcasting its remote company brand? Let us know in the comments below!

By Jennifer Parris | November 4, 2016 | Categories: Remote Management

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