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Arielle Executive is Australia’s leading executive-level human marketing & personal branding agency and we’re rapidly growing.

There is an exciting opportunity for a talented professional (with a background in Talent Acquisition, HR, Consulting or Organisational Psychology) who is passionate about the power of the written word and its ability to sell, and who has knowledge of the recruitment and selection market, to join our small, nimble and highly capable team in the capacity of an Executive Brand Builder | Writer.


To succeed, you must GENUINELY be interested in people and leaders, delighting in their psychology and what makes them tick, marvelling at how they fit into what they do. This needs to be more than just a box-ticking job for you – you must have an innate desire to help shape and mould clients’ unique histories to fit their next career goal. And a deep love affair with the English language is an absolute must.


Your role will be to partner with our Consultants to execute the strategic brief for the client, as such positioning our clients as a unique answer to a clearly defined set of commercial challenges. Achieving this will require weaving together points of interest from the client’s career to form a cohesive story, so that each of their career moves is strategically relevant and aligned to their intended direction. You will then use this narrative as a departure point for the creation of their resume, LinkedIn profile and other online assets, within which you’ll articulate their value proposition. This suite of products then works as a congruent, multi-touch point, branded system to help them attract, and successfully compete for, top leadership roles.

You’ll be drawing upon your well honed analytical and critical-thinking skills to tie together disparate layers of information by assessing it in the context of the bigger picture, in order to build the strongest business case possible for the client, on their behalf. It’s imperative that you’re the type of person who looks at problems from a variety of angles and that you have a broad understanding of business concepts. We take the responsibility we’re given very seriously. We market people, and their livelihoods depend on the work we do. As such, being highly tuned to commercial contexts and the needs of the person doing the recruiting, as well as the individual – i.e. being able to put yourself in all shoes – is vital.


If you’re wired to build convincing arguments, and are often told that your talents have been wasted (i.e. you should have been a lawyer or a politician), this role will fit like a glove. You need to love the idea of sculpting and moulding your client’s experience to suit their direction, overlaying and aligning who they are and what they do with their goal in order to secure buy in from the reader.

Those who work best in our culture love to learn (i.e. not just say that they love to learn. The daily growth required within this role is challenging) and thrive in environments where they continuously push themselves to new heights. If you shriek at the sight of feedback – you will find our culture difficult. We all provide feedback to one another – and are happy to receive it too. We genuinely care about our clients so won’t be afraid to say that something can be improved upon. And we want you to be OK with that too, so accountability, integrity and resilience are paramount. You must be an avid believer in there always being a better way, and importantly, be willing to find it. Our products are always in a state of continuous evolution.


We love what we do. We’re a tightly knit and high performing team, and working with us you will do some of your best work. It is important to note however that being a part of remote team is a little different to being part of a team where you see your colleagues day in and day out. There are no water cooler conversations, no office Ping-Pong table (though there are plenty of other perks). Therefore, you MUST be fulfilled when you feel EMPOWERED to do your very BEST WORK. Our top talent have a deep passion for their craft, and LOVE to work remotely so that they can focus on the work itself – because this is something that they revel in.

For the right person, there will be an opportunity to progress to consulting, leading and driving brand scoping sessions with our executive clientele and advising on strategy regarding their brand positioning – both online and offline. This role will enable you to build a strong foundation. You’ll learn the ropes, and understand what it is we do as well as how we do it, fusing marketing and branding with human resources and commercial acumen. Training and development is a large focus for us to ensure that you succeed.


  • will only consider applicants with a HR, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Organisational Psychology, Marketing / Communications AND / OR Consulting experience;
  • you’ve always been an “academic”, and proud of your ability to analyse and write about your subject; you will have an 2:1 or above in English Literature, Psychology or Arts based Degree;
  • you can write using polished, intelligent “business” language; experience in writing business cases, proposals, and/or thought leadership articles is desirable;
  • you’re a natural storyteller; with the power to connect disparate pieces of information to create compelling narratives;
  • you understand transferable people competencies, skills and abilities, and can align experience/personal fit for specific jobs;
  • you’re someone who can always “spin” an argument, and a passion for building cases that influence and convince;
  • a broad understanding of business concepts and a capacity to comprehend the business challenges international executives face – do you read HBR?
  • Time management and discipline– if you’re always running out of time, please don’t apply. You must be able to commit to 2 business day turnarounds – non-negotiable;
  • a knack for and enjoyment of research – able to pick out key concepts from a lot of information.


To understand more about our mission, values and the type of people we are looking for, please check out: http://arielle.com.au/careers

If all this sounds like it’s right up your alley, please submit your application to Leanne Elliott, Managing Writer at Arielle Executive via email on careers@arielle.com.au quoting the subject “Writer | Flexjobs”. In your application, please include the following:

  1. cover letter – bear in mind that we are an executive branding agency and we produce cover letters for our own clients. We’d like to see how you would approach this task. Tell us why you’re interested in this opportunity, why we should hire you and what you can bring to the table.
  2. your resume AND a link to your LinkedIn profile.

As a part of the selection process, you will undertake several short trials, as well as interviews.

We look forward to your application!

Leanne Elliott
Managing Writer – Arielle Executive

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