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Freelance Writer: SciShow

The universe is a fascinating place, and we’re learning more about it every day, and in every discipline from psychology to engineering. These discoveries should be accessible to everyone who wants to hear them, but not everyone is capable of translating scientific papers and research into something engaging and easily digestible. Can you?

We make videos that help our audiences develop a nuanced and complex view of the world around us. On our channels, SciShow, SciShow Space, and SciShow Psych, we do this by enthusiastically sharing science information for everyone to understand and enjoy, reaching over 7 million subscribers.

As one of our freelance writers, you’ll be asked to pitch episodes, research topics, compose interesting and completely accurate scripts in the SciShow voice and style, and provide proper citations for your work. These video scripts can range from 4 to 15 minutes long and typically cover evergreen research, as opposed to breaking news stories. Our editorial staff will critique and refine your work, and you’ll be expected to make any corrections as they arise. Ideally, you already have some experience in science communication for a general audience, and if you have experience writing video scripts, even better!

More details on the position:

Job Title: Writer
Status: Freelance
Reports to: Editors
Location: Remote, ideally in the USA

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