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Profit Factory

Virtual Assistant 20-30 hrs/week

Please Note: This job is being posted on behalf of Rafeh Qazi ( by Profit Factory ( Profit Factory is a company which works with entrepreneurs to match them to assistants.

Rafeh Qazi is the founder and owner of Clever Programmer, where he helps inspire people to become programmers by teaching them both soft skills, hard technical skills, and helping them learn to negotiate and become better at coding through his online training programs. His Youtube channel has over 300K subscribers who watch Rafeh change and inspire lives by providing tips and tricks while showing them how taking his training course will make a difference in their lives.

Rafeh’s is looking an assistant who will be his partner in crime, someone who is a strong implementer, has excellent follow-through skills, has high energy and takes ownership of the role, someone who is incredible at project management and helps to support him by taking on multiple tasks and making his life and business run smoothly.

Some of your responsibilities will include handling all customer inquiries, organizing and planning Rafeh’s day and to-do list, managing his email inbox and responding to messages, managing his calendar and travel arrangements (both personal and business), summarizing audio message into action items and content for email marketing, systematizing and automating his personal and business tasks, and managing his projects by creating timelines, deadlines and providing status updates. You must have a strong ability to listen and communicate well and be a quick learner. Rafeh’s assistant should love what they do, thrive while they do it and love being in their “zone of genius” while performing their work.

In addition to the above, to be successful in this role you must have the following qualities/skills:

  • be friendly, outgoing and professional
  • be highly responsive, reliable and accountable
  • have strong customer service skills
  • possess excellent communication skills – both written and verbal
  • be extremely detail-oriented and well-organized
  • be efficient and happy to take on additional tasks
  • able to envision how to streamline processes, and loves to optimize systems, structures, and procedures
  • be a proactive problem solver and a critical thinker
  • excel at anticipating an entrepreneur’s needs and handling tasks before being asked
  • have technical skills
  • having copywriter experience/knowledge is a major plus!

You’ll need to be experienced with:

  • Drip or another email marketing software
  • G-Suite
  • Deadline Funnels (or another webinar software or experience with the concept of Evergreen Funnels)
  • Zendesk

Experience in this tools is helpful but not required:

  • Notion / Basecamp
  • Kajabi or Instapage
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Zapier

Position Details

  • This position is a contractor position with the possibility of moving to an employee position with basic benefits.
  • You must have at least two years of project management and administrative assistant experience.
  • The position will start out with 20-30 hours per week, but can quickly move to full-time with the right person.
  • It’s important for us to have an assistant who is focused solely on this role, please do not apply if you are looking for a second job or wanting to work with multiple entrepreneurs.
  • Flexible hours, however, you must be available between 9:00 am – 6:00 pm PST.
  • Occasional weekend hours may be needed for special projects or urgent issues, but this is not the norm.
  • The pay rate for this position is $20/hr.
  • We’re looking for someone to become a long-term (3+ years) partner.

How to Apply:

Email: (please do not contact Rafeh Qazi directly. Doing so will disqualify you from the position. Thank you.)

In the subject line, please write, “Hi, I’m (your full name) from (insert your city & state) and I’m interested in the Rafeh Qazi – Clever Programmer VA position”

In the body of the message, please write me a 15 sentence email including:

  • One sentence opening salutation that says: “Hi. I’m (your name) from (city, state).”
  • Paragraph #1: Reason(s) why you think this job is a good fit for you, including your experience as an administrative assistant and managing your boss’s daily tasks, emails, calendar and to-do lists. (black font, Verdana, 3 sentences)
  • Paragraph #2: Your level of technical skills, if you have experience with copywriting, and your level of proficiency from a scale of 0-10 with the following tools: Drip (or another email marketing software), G-Suite, Deadline Funnels (or another webinar software or experience with the concept of Evergreen Funnels), Zendesk, Kajabi and Instapage. (red font, Verdana, 3 sentences)
  • Paragraph #3: Tell us about your project management background and your experience with coordinating and managing your boss’s projects, timelines, deadlines and how you kept your boss on track. (blue font, Verdana, 3 sentences)
  • Paragraph #4: If you are/are not currently working, the pacific time hours you are available to work and where you see yourself in three years. (black font, Verdana, 3 sentences)

Two sentences closing providing the following:

  • on the Clever Programmer website, what is the name of the free course that Rafeh offers?
  • a closing salutation including your name, email address, and phone number

Be sure to attach a resume. Thanks!