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Per the employer, candidates are allowed to use a “dummy” email for the Payment Account (PayPal) field on the application to advance through the submission process

Note from Employer: There are various careers paths for the Transcriptionist role. There is a probationary period where the pay is $15/ audio hour and then it moves up to $20/audio hour. There is another path that pays $35/audio hour but may have additional requirements.

Transcriptionists/Translators/Editors/Taggers/Data Entry

TranscribeMe is an award-winning multi-media transcription/translation crowd sourcing company based in San Francisco with members providing transcription services from all over the world! We pride ourselves on providing first-class support to our members.

  • We are currently hiring transcriptionists/translators/editors/taggers in multiple languages for numerous projects lasting the next 6 to 12 months. All employees are welcome to transfer to other projects once this project ends for ongoing work at home opportunites.
  • This is a long-term project with opportunities to stay on other teams at project end.
  • Each individual is responsible for completing various audio lengths within a reasonable timeframe.
  • We are seeking individuals that can produce 99% accuracy.
  • Passing a quick entrance exam is required as well as maintaining quality KPIs

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