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Technology Marketing Writer

Fuentek’s writers collaborate with technical and design team members to develop effective communication strategies that capitalize on effective use of written media. Team members have professional writing experience, preferably developing marketing materials for highly technical applications.

Fuentek, LLC seeks Technology Marketing Writers who have the skills and experience needed to provide top-quality intellectual property and technology management services.

Position Responsibilities

  • Develop written materials to support activities related to technology transfer, including technology marketing and other technology transfer activities. Example products include brochures, presentations, newsletters, articles, magazines, awards applications, press releases, social media content, displays (e.g., booths, posters, banners), and other promotional materials.
  • Collaborate with colleagues (technical, market research, and design professionals) to develop effective technology transfer strategies that capitalize on effective use of written media.

Key Capabilities

  • Ability to quickly and efficiently understand a wide variety of new technologies and then communicate messages of “what it does” and “why it is better” to both technical and non- technical audiences in a compelling manner.
  • Willingness to follow structured work processes, procedures, and style guidelines to produce deliverables while performing assignments independently with little supervision.
  • Excellent attention to detail and the ability to provide high quality deliverables that require minimal additional editing.
  • Ability to independently manage multiple assignments with challenging and/or overlapping deadlines.
  • Ability to oversee publications projects to ensure that all elements of the process (e.g., print and web design, print production, delivery) are completed in a timely manner.
  • Skilled at judging the look and feel of a publication (e.g., having a keen eye for good design).
  • Desire to work as part of a highly collaborative team within a virtual-office environment.
  • Willingness to use Fuentek specified tools to support project documentation, collaboration, communication, and scheduling.


  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism, writing, or other communications field.
  • 4+ years of professional writing experience, preferably developing marketing materials for highly technical applications.
  • Demonstrated ability to follow style guides from a variety of clients.
  • Experience working independently, preferably in a virtual office environment.
  • A fully functioning home office space, including a Windows or Macintosh computer (Macintosh preferred), high-speed Internet connection, business telephone line, and Microsoft Office.


  • Compensation is commensurate with qualifications, skills, and experience. Marketing Writers are engaged as 1099 contract employees to work approximately 5 to 25 hours per week, depending on your interest and availability as well as current client needs.

If you meet these qualifications and are interested in learning more about opportunities at Fuentek, send your résumé/CV to and click on the link below to initiate the application process.
Fuentek, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer