Remote | Entry-level | Freelance

Technical Writer (REMOTE) 

Location: REMOTE
Position Type: As needed
Residency Requirements: US Citizens and all other parties authorized to work in the US are encouraged to apply.

As the technical writer, you would have to prepare official documentation, instruction manuals, journal articles, and other supporting documents to communicate complex and technical information more easily.

In your day to day, you would develop, gather, and disseminate technical information from various sources. One type of source would be working directly with the people supporting and developing the product via sprint/scrum meetings, one-on-one calls, screen sharing, emails, messages, etc., all in order to share information, report on progress and meet goals under well- known timeframes. Another source would be initial release notes, brain-dumps, bare-bone documentation, inline code comments, existing documentation and self-exploration of the product via command line shell, various APIs, etc.

Technical Writer Job Purpose

  • Compose clear and coherent technical information
  • Discuss technical products and services
  • Write instruction manual for users
  • Possess complete understanding of a company’s product and business

Technical Writer Job Duties

  • Develops a thorough understanding of the audience and the documentation required by meeting with colleagues, and working with managers to discuss technical problems
  • Researches and builds knowledge about the product and the technology to be documented
  • Determines the clearest and most logical way to present information and instructions for greatest reader comprehension and writes and edits technical information accordingly
  • Prepares or commissions graphics and illustrations to elaborate on or complement technical writing
  • Meets with subject matter experts in order to ensure that specialized topics are appropriately addressed and discussed
  • Revises, edits, or updates instructions, technical information, and frequently asked questions as necessary
  • Creates, adapts, and follows project schedules and deadlines
  • Specializes in technical writing in the DB industry
  • Remains up-to-date on technological and product developments as well as universal specifications relevant to company’s industry